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Basically, all plants are the same: They need water, air, sun, soil and some time to grow and thrive. But how much of all this is actually needed varies from plant to plant. In our plant encyclopedia with picture we inform you in detail about the respective plant and give helpful care tips.

Our Plants AZ section is constantly being expanded and expanded to include plant species. Just have a look!

You can find even more tips in our Garden Lexicon section with our current blog posts, advisors, garden tips or the practical garden calendars to download. Everything you need to care for your plants can be found in our online shop.

Plant care — tips and tricks from our professionals for you

You can find out everything about plants in our plant dictionary with pictures. You will learn where the plant originally came from and above all how to care for it to get the best out of it. You will learn in which location the plant feels comfortable, how often you have to water and fertilize it, whether pruning is necessary and how the plant should be treated in the cold season. You will also find out whether there are other plant species. In our FAQ you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. This is how plant care succeeds with certainty!

Plant encyclopedia with picture from AZ

From A for aloe vera to M for monstera to Z for zucchini — here you will find over 200 plants sorted alphabetically with a picture and botanical name.

Over 200 different types of plants — herbs, garden plants, indoor plants & Co

The plant list shows an overview of different plants and gives a good overview of how to take care of the plants. In our plant encyclopedia with a picture, numerous plant species and the associated care are presented to you. This also includes our constantly growing green plant encyclopedia. Images will help you identify the plant and illustrate our gardening tips from our professionals.

  • We will show you how to care for your garden plants. For more than 80 garden plants, our professionals give you numerous tips and tricks for care, planting and overwintering in our plant lexicon with pictures.
  • In our houseplant encyclopedia you will learn everything about green plants, flowering houseplants and succulents. We have detailed care instructions for over 50 indoor plants.
  • You will also learn from us how you should care for your bed and balcony plants in order to obtain a splendid bloom. There are currently 25 balcony plants for which you can learn tips and tricks — and the trend is rising!
  • Would you like to learn how to care for your potted plants ? Over 20 care instructions are waiting for you.
  • If you want to know how to plant and care for your flower bulbs, read our encyclopedia articles.
  • Our professionals will also give you the best tips and tricks for caring for fruit, vegetables and herbs.
  • In addition, we show you all plants A-Z sorted alphabetically in our plant list. Feel free to click through and try our tips and advice at home.

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