Autumn planting balcony: It’s so easy to experience the splendor of colors in autumn

Colorful autumn planting for the balcony is easy to do. Choose from the wide variety of autumn flowers and design the balcony, terrace or house entrance according to your wishes.

Atmospheric autumn planting can easily be created with colorful ornamental leaf plants, grasses, calluna, ornamental peppers, chrysanthemums and much more. In addition to ripe fruits and stormy winds, colorful leaves and flowers make this time of year something very special. Enjoy autumn as a colorful garden time and find out everything you need to know about autumn planting on the balcony and terrace below.

When can the autumn planting be done on the balcony?

The time when you start autumn planting on the balcony depends on the types of plants present and the weather conditions over the past few weeks. In sunny years , the summer flowers can remain in the balcony box until late autumn. But often the seasonal plants are no longer so attractive in August, sometimes there is a lack of fertilizer or the willingness to flower decreases significantly and the time has come for a change in the balcony box. With early autumn planting on the balcony, you can enjoy late summer with attractive balcony boxes and tubs. The variety of species that are suitable for autumn planting is enormous. In addition to the classics such as heather or chrysanthemumthere are a variety of plants that are attractive and appealing until frost. With the appropriate choice of plants, the autumn planting can also remain in the box or tub in winter.

What should you pay attention to when planting in tubs and window boxes in autumn?

First of all, the choice of plants is important. Do you want fall planting that can stay in window boxes until spring, or just seasonal planting for a few weeks? Other points for autumn planting are

1. the right vessel

Make sure that the planter used for autumn planting has a water drainage hole. This avoids waterlogging and gives the plants the best conditions. It is also important that at least 2 to 3 liters of soil volume is available per plant. Only with a sufficiently large volume will the autumn plants continue to develop.

2. repotting

All plants do better if planted or repotted immediately after purchase . The autumn plants are in the culture pot, which is usually rooted. Without repotting, caring for autumn plants is more difficult and development is stunted. Therefore, we always recommend repotting in high-quality potting soil. A good choice for this is Kölle organic potting soil, peat-free. The special soil is structurally stable and the organic fertilizer it contains reliably supplies the plants with the nutrients they need for a few weeks.

Repotting plants — our tips

Find out in the blog post why and how you should repot your plants.

repot plants

3. the care

Thorough watering is important after planting or repotting . Furthermore, the care of the autumn planting on the balcony is very low. The water requirement essentially depends on the temperature, the type of plant, the volume of soil and the number of plants in the balcony box . You should also remove faded flowers regularly . Fertilization is not necessary when using high-quality potting soil.

In this video you will learn how to plant your flower pots in autumn:

What can be planted on the balcony in the fall?

The selection of plants for window boxes, pots, bowls and tubs is very large. Depending on your preference, colorful mixed or stylistic tone-on-tone plantings can be made. There are basically two different groups of plants that are suitable for autumn planting on the balcony:

1. Hardy Plants for Fall Planting Balcony

This includes all plants from the group of woody plants and perennials. Well-known representatives are ivy, boxwood, purple bells, heather, hebe, skimmia, flower bulbs, houseleek, partridge berries, asters, autumn anemones, gentian, sedum, Mühlenbeckia, Christmas roses, small conifers and much more. These plants are ideal for permanent planting and also for autumn planting in tubs, pots or window boxes .

2. Balcony plants for fall planting

This group of plants is decorative for many weeks with beautiful flowers or colored foliage. Temperatures around freezing point are tolerated , but longer periods of frost are unfavorable . Choose from the range of chrysanthemums, cyclamen, pansies, silver leaf, barbed wire, heather, colored nettles and design an atmospheric autumn planting on the balcony, house entrance or terrace according to your wishes.
Gardener’s tip: To be on the safe side, we recommend laying out some fleece to protect the flowers on nights with lower temperatures. At temperatures above 0 °C, winter protection is recommended.

What can be planted in tubs for the balcony, terrace or house entrance in autumn?

In addition to the range listed above, you can set special accents with slow-growing trees and shrubs. Well suited for autumn planting in tubs are ornamental fruit trees (love pearl bush, firethorn), Japanese maple, medlar, dogwood, cherry laurel, smoke bush, skimmia, sugar loaf spruce, boxwood, wild shrubs, grasses as solitary plants with an impressive size and magnificent effect.

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Environmental tip: If you want to help the insects, choose plants that still have pollen and nectar when they flower later and thus serve as an important source of food. Blue diamonds, beard flowers, monk’s pepper, hibiscus and butterfly bushes are particularly suitable.

Top 5 insect-friendly autumn plantings for the balcony

  • Autumn asters (single-flowering)
  • autumn anemone
  • sedum
  • Rudbeckia / Coneflower

Herbs like thyme and oregano

Top 5 ornamental grasses for autumn balcony planting

    • blue fescue
    • Pennisetum grass
    • sedges
    • Switchgrass

bearskin grass

Top 7 foliage beauties for autumn balcony planting

  • skimmia
  • Barbed Wire/Silver Wire
  • silver leaf
  • lifting
  • ivy
  • Purplebells

Calluna — Structural Plant

Top 5 classic flowering plants for the balcony autumn planting

    • chrysanthemums
    • cyclamen
    • Calluna/Heather
    • Pansies/ Horned Violets

Hebe/Brush Veronica

Top 5 ornamental fruit trees for autumn planting on the balcony

  • gaultheria
  • Pernettia
  • berries skimmia
  • Callicarpa/Love Pearl Bush
  • Firethorn/Pyracantha

There are still many weeks in which you can enjoy the colors and abundance of the plants. We are happy to plant according to your wishes and help you to implement the autumn planting for the balcony and terrace. Make yourself and your loved ones happy with the colorful autumnal flower and fruit decorations. Even in autumn, plants are a gift with lasting value. You can also send plants to your loved ones via our online shop.

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