Decorating with poinsettias made easy

Decorate your home with colorful poinsettias. With our DIY tips, the classic houseplant of the Advent season becomes a highlight, also ideal as a gift idea.


The classic potted plant creates a Christmassy atmosphere during the Advent season

With its bright red, the poinsettia is an extremely decorative houseplant from October to December. In terms of color symbolism, red is the color of love and embodies warmth and closeness : attributes that could not be more appropriate for the Advent season. The red bracts of the poinsettia, also known as the poinsettia, ensure a strong color effect. As a result, the flowering potted plant looks invitingly Christmassy even without any decorations. Place the plant in a colour-coordinated planter and the Christmas decoration is complete. With a little joy in DIY, special pieces of jewelry can be made for Christmas. Below you will learn how to quickly and easily conjure up a beautiful decoration with poinsettias. All three ideas presented can be implemented without much effort and manual skill.

Poinsettia in a glass as a gift

For this you need:

• Poinsettia (medium size)
• Glass cylinder
• Coasters
• Expanded clay
• Pine cones
• Christmas baubles
• Ribbon
• Stars, light wire, pine green (if required) How to do it:

Place a coaster with a layer of expanded clay in the glass cylinder. Place the flowering potted plant on top of this. Fill the space between the pot and the glass wall alternately with Christmas balls and cones. Finally, wrap a ribbon around the jar three times and knot the ends. Stars, LED lights or fir green round off the Christmas decorations.

Finally, complete the Christmas arrangement with light wire or fir green as you wish. An enchanting gift or magnificent Christmas decoration for your own home is ready.


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Mini poinsettia as a festive table decoration

For this you need:

• poinsettia (mini)
• coffee cup and saucer
• expanded clay
• moss
• decorative apples
• twine or cord
• if desired an old spoon and a candle How to do it:

Place a layer of expanded clay on the bottom of the cup as drainage and place the small poinsettia with the culture pot in the cup. Fill in the gap with moss and also cover the surface with moss. Finally, distribute the ornamental apples on the moss layer and round off the table arrangement with cord or string of a matching colour.

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Christmas stars decorated with natural materials

For this you need:

• Poinsettia (medium size or solitary plant)
• Container for pasting (e.g. small plastic bucket or large can)
• Moss
• Binding wire
• Optional hot glue gun
• Secateurs
• Pine cones, pine branches
• Nuts
• Cord

This is how it’s done:

Lay the moss flat on the rim of the pot and secure with twine. A layer of cones is then placed on top of the moss layer and also wrapped with wire. Alternatively, hot glue can be used instead of the binding wire to attach moss and pine cones.

Now place the poinsettia in the prepared container and plug the gaps with fir branches. If you like, you can hang nuts on the branches with a cord. Your atmospheric decoration with poinsettias is ready. In our online shop you can buy numerous fir branches and much more.

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Important for the success of an atmospheric decoration with poinsettias is:

• When purchasing, note that the thermophilic plants are packed in paper for transport. In this way you will preserve the beauty of your poinsettia and the flowers and bracts will not suffer.
• The poinsettia loves a bright and sunny location with an even temperature of 18 to 25 °C.
• A draft location is not ideal. The magnificent houseplant does not feel very comfortable here.
Water your poinsettia regularly with lukewarm water. After an hour, the excess irrigation water is poured off. Waterlogging causes brown roots and premature leaf fall. The surface of the earth must dry well before the next watering, only then is watered again.

Our gardening tip: You can read everything you need to know about the origin and care of poinsettias in our Plants AZ.


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