Do you want to plant roses?

Find out why fall is the best time of year to plant trees. Like many other plants, roses planted in good time grow well before the first frost. The plants establish themselves with new fibrous roots and appear in the bed in the coming year with an enormous growth advantage. Use the best time and plant your dream garden.

Why is fall the best time to plant roses?

When to plant roses? There is something to do in the garden all year round and it is exciting to experience the seasons with nature. After many happy hours in summer, for some people the garden in autumn is only interesting for the last maintenance work. However, if you want to make new plantings, the late summer next to spring is the best time to plant roses.

The following two points are mainly responsible for this:

  1. The plants are now in the dormant phase , evaporation is reduced and hardly any moisture from the soil is needed. Transplanting is now possible without damaging the trees. New roots quickly form in the right location under good conditions .
  2. The soil is warm and the freshly planted container roses take root quickly . Thanks to the ideal soil temperature, the magnificent trees quickly establish themselves in the new location. Depending on the weather, you can plant until December. Planting roses is not possible until there is prolonged frost and frozen ground. You can also transplant old roses that are a nuisance in the existing spot from mid-October to early December. Cut back the plant to about 10 to 15 centimeters. Dig a new planting hole, if possible with 20 liters of soil. Now dig up a large root ball. Carefully remove broken or damaged roots and proceed as you would for a new plant. To protect the roota layer of mulch or soil around the root collar is beneficial. This so-called mounding is done before winter and helps the plants grow well. Fact: When planting roses in summer, you need a little more finesse when watering. The plants have many leaves and evaporate moisture, so regular watering is necessary. Be careful, however, that it never gets waterlogged. The care required immediately after planting roses depends essentially on when you plant roses. When roses are planted in autumn, the effort is the least.

    What you should consider before planting roses:

    1. Rose bushes love a sunny spot . They need at least a bed with 4 to 5 hours of sunshine per day . Check the conditions before planting the roses.
    2. If the location is too shady, the plants will not develop as vigorously and are susceptible to diseases and pests.
    3. The soil should have a pH of 6.5 to 7.5. Determine the pH level before planting roses.
    4. As deep roots, the flowers prefer deep, loose soil with a high humus content . Sandy soils need to be improved with good quality rose soil . If the location is too sandy, the plant cannot be adequately supplied, as water and nutrients are essential for growth.
    5. An even water supply is important for a magnificent garden rose . The water should drain well, because waterlogging damages the roots. Heavy clay soils are not suitable. It is important to prepare the soil with a mixture of sand and potting soil before planting the roses. Otherwise, on heavy soil, the leaves will quickly lighten and their vitality will suffer.

      How do I find the right rose?

      Which group you choose depends essentially on your wishes regarding the growth character. The variety of species and varieties is very large. In addition to flower color and shape, fragrance and health are of great importance. Nevertheless, before you plant a rose, you should know which groups there are and which container rose is right for you.

      Criteria for choosing new roses:

      With their branched, bushy growth, bed roses are ideal partners for perennials and low shrubs. This group is particularly versatile in the variety of colors and convinces with long flowering phases throughout the summer. This group is characterized by dense umbels with numerous individual flowers.

      The group of hybrid tea roses is ideal for lovers of the classic rose with large flowers and a delicate fragrance. Some hybrid tea roses are real fragrance wonders. With a mostly upright habit and a height of 60 to 100 cm, they are ideally suited for single placement or mixed systems with grasses, delphiniums, sage and other plants.

      Should the rose stand alone as an eye-catcher? Then the group of shrub roses is certainly in demand. The vigorous species can reach a height of 1 to 2 m, depending on the variety. Shrub roses are best suited for group planting or hedges.

      Climbing roses are ideal for covering obelisks, walls and fences . The specimens, also known as climbers, can reach a growth height of up to 3 meters.

      Rambler roses are climbing roses with long, flexible stems. Depending on the specimen, the long new shoots can reach up to 10 meters. Slow-growing varieties are suitable for rose arches. The fast-growing varieties are ideal for climbing old trees or pergolas.

      Ground cover roses are suitable for covering larger areas . With a broad, bushy growth and a height of 30 to 80 cm, they are ideal for large-scale planting. The beautiful roses look best in combination with small deciduous trees or perennials.

      Friends of the nostalgic will find what they are looking for in the English Rose group . The large, double flowers of English roses and the breathtaking fragrance are essential characteristics of David Austin roses. In addition to the variety of modern, repeat-flowering varieties, there are historical roses that exude a touch of nostalgia. With an unbelievable abundance of flowers and a fine aroma, the shrubs are very robust and easy to care for. Members of this group will forgive you if you don’t prune in a year and still bloom profusely.

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      What is the difference between bare root roses and container roses?

      Shrubs grown in pots are convenient to manage and available all year round. Container roses are roses that are in pots or so-called containers. With a well-rooted ball , the plants are ideal for planting in autumn or spring. The roots are firmly anchored in the culture medium, well branched and provided with many fine, new fibrous roots. Bare root rose plants are only available without a root ball directly from the nursery in the fall. Since only little substrate surrounds the roots and they are loosely packed, rapid planting is necessary. Bare root roses are cheaper because there is no need for planting in the nursery and months of cultivation. Place bare-rooted plants in a bucket filled with water immediately after purchase and plant the rose bush immediately. The rose planting season for container roses is almost all year round.

      With just a few steps you can ensure optimal growth:

      1. The depth and width of the planting hole should be at least twice the size of the pot .
      2. To improve the soil, the excavated soil is mixed with rose earth . With sufficient humus at the site, you ensure a good start for the planted roses. Compost is not suitable because the nutrients it contains may be too high for the shrubs.
      3. Soil activator is placed in the planting hole for better growth, fertilizer is not necessary when planting.
      4. The well-watered container rose is potted and carefully placed in the planting hole. In the case of bare-rooted plants, it is very important to soak them in water before planting. The bare-root roses are only available for a short time from mid-October and require a little more finesse when planting.
      5. It is important that you set the grafting point about 5 cm deep below the surface of the earth .
      6. The planting hole is filled with rose soil and watered .
      7. The new plantings are piled up with some soil in November in order to get through the winter protected from wind, sun and forest. With ideal starting conditions, your freshly planted trees can get started right away. New roots are formed and the head start in development means that the plants will become jewels in your garden in the coming year. The right cut is essential for the abundance of flowers in the queen of flowers. Find out more about this in our videos with Klaus Kölle. Learn how a gardener prune and care for the rose bush.

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