Fairytale magic lights for your balcony, garden and house entrance

The days are getting shorter and the desire for warmth and light is increasing. Create a special atmosphere and decorate your house entrance, balcony or garden with sparkling light chains, light rain and light branches. Atmospheric facade lighting creates a unique ambience and lets your home shine brightly during the darker months of the year. With just a few simple steps you can create a magical atmosphere in your home.

Discover our wide range of atmospheric solar items such as B. Christmas Lights:

LED fairy lights:

Our Ricelight fairy lights with extra small bulbs are perfect for decorating balconies, pillared plants, hedges and Christmas trees. Choose between different colors such as warm white, classic warm and cold white. The LED light chains are particularly energy-saving and are characterized by a long service life. They are therefore ideal for your Christmas decorations. Choose your favorites from fairy lights with electric cable or battery-operated models as well as from different cable and light colors.

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LED light rain:

LED light rain is particularly suitable for decorating shrubs, pergolas and at the house entrance. The light rain looks fantastic as a waterfall of light in tall trees or in the corner of the room above curtain rails or cupboards. With just a few simple steps, there are magical decoration options and your garden or apartment can be transformed into a fairytale sea of ​​lights. The filigree effect quickly turns the LED rain into a star. The special light decoration is suitable for both indoors and outdoors and is available in different lengths and different wire colors.

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Facade lighting:

Put your house facade in the limelight! Many colorful lights adorn the house and garden, especially during the Christmas season. Every year, fairy lights have to be hung up with a lot of effort. That’s easier too. Our lasers adorn your house wall with the most beautiful Christmas and winter motifs and without much effort.

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LED light branches:

Light branches create a cozy atmosphere in your home. The branches best adorn your home in a decorative vase or jar. The luminous branches are not only suitable for indoors, but also for outdoors. You can also decorate your garden at dusk and at night.LED Christmas trees

If you don’t want a real Christmas tree, you can bring an LED Christmas tree home! The trees are an atmospheric decoration for the Advent and pre-Christmas period, do not require any care and do not pine like real Christmas trees.

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Twinkly — The light chain that can do everything.

The Twinkly chain of lights is controlled with an app. Color, brightness and speed can be set there. Our expert staff in our garden centers will be happy to advise you.

What are the advantages of LEDs?

• Economical in terms of energy consumption: you save up to 80% electricity compared to conventional light chains
• Environmentally friendly: the LED lights contain neither lead nor mercury
• Long service life: up to 50,000 hours of light duration — with incandescent lamps only 8,000 hours
• No replacement bulbs necessary: ​​is one lamp is defective, the others continue to shine. A replacement is not necessary
• Make your garden and house shine with our Christmas lights!

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