Grave design — tips for spring

Find out what to consider when designing a grave in spring and how you can carry out appropriate grave planting. Here you will find tips on suitable plants for grave design in spring. With just a few simple steps, the final resting place can be designed in an appealing way.

Grave planting ideas for spring

Colorful plants are balm for the soul , especially after a dull and cold, wet winter ‘s day . Not only do many plants in the garden and on the balcony look desolate now, but winter has also left its mark on the graves in the cemetery and sadness has taken hold. This picture can be changed with little effort, because dignified grave care does not require much effort. Below you will learn the best tips for grave design in the spring – a stylish grave design is that easy. You can find examples and planting ideas in spring in this article.

In modern grave design, mainly perennial plants such as evergreen groundcover are combined with stones and decorative elements to match the gravestone. This makes it easy to maintain the memorial sites and is a particularly helpful idea for graves that cannot be visited regularly. It is important that the planting is coordinated with the tombstone. A grave is usually designed according to the preferences of the deceased. A grave planting does not have to be expensive. Find out about the possible grave designs and our specialist staff will give you valuable tips — with us you will get the best out of your grave design in spring.


The following bulbous plants are suitable for grave design in spring

Flowering in February: snowdrops, crocus and winter agarics

Flowers in March/April: snowflake, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, checkered flowers, squill

Spring-blooming bulbs are either planted directly in the grave in the fall or can be purchased in pots and planted early in the spring. The latter has the advantage that other plants such as heather, Christmas roses or bowls and flower arrangements decorate the grave in autumn and winter and create a well-groomed image. With the right knowledge, grave design for spring is quick and easy to implement.

3 tips for planting bulbous plants


• Loosen the soil well before planting.

• If possible, choose 3 of the same plants; the varieties look best when planted in tuffs.

• Put high-quality potting soil in the planting hole so that the bulbous plants can root well.

Flower bulbs can either be planted in open spaces as a so-called rotation planting or they can flower between permanently planted ground covers every year in early spring.

Choose the flowers based on the preferences of the deceased or your taste. With onion flowers, a low-maintenance grave design can be carried out.

The onion flowers in combination with grasses, evergreen species or stones also go well with modern grave design . It is also easy to create geometric shapes with flowers. By using several plants of the same species , the planting on the grave appears calm and well-groomed . In modern grave design, only a few types are often used and special attention is paid to the gravestone . In summer, for example, this can only be grass or ground cover. However, you should always design according to your wishes and preferences. The grave planting must match the family and the deceased.


Lots of spring bloomers make grave design easy in spring

Especially for the Easter holidays it is a nice gesture to provide the places of mourning with a fresh planting. As an alternative to cut flowers, there are a variety of species available that decorate the grave for a short or long time. In addition to the plants, the tombstone is largely responsible for the appearance. The range of spring flowers is large from the end of February and therefore there is a large number of plants to choose from that are suitable for planting in the cemetery. When planting early, it is advisable to use species that tolerate low temperatures for a short time.

Well suited are forget-me-nots, wallflowers, horned violets, pansies, daisies (Bellis), ranunculus and primroses of various types.
All these species are decorative and delight with different colors and shapes for many weeks. In addition, these bedding plants can be excellently combined with perennial plants as seasonal plants. In this way, the trees and shrubs form a permanent framework and the seasonal plants create a different picture every season thanks to their uniqueness. Depending on your preference, you can plant tone-on-tone or with contrasting colors.


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Grave design — examples and planting ideas


Beautiful planting ideas can be implemented, especially when designing a grave in spring . Below are examples of grave design in spring . The selection of plants is huge and, depending on your preference, the grave can be planted tone on tone or colorful — ideal for implementing the grave design for spring according to your wishes or the preferences of your deceased. Planting horned violets and pansies is easy to care for and expressive. Due to the large selection, there are numerous planting ideas in spring.


Grave design — examples of tone-on-tone planting


White: ranunculus, daffodil, hyacinth, forget-me-not, horned violet, pansy, bellis, primrose

Blue: crocus, anemone blanda, hyacinth, grape hyacinth, forget-me-not, horned violet, pansy, primrose

Red: bellis, horned violet, pansy, primrose

Yellow: ranunculus, daffodils, horned violets, pansies, cowslips, primula

Grave design — examples of planting with contrasting colors


Blue-Yellow: Daffodils, Wallflowers, Horned Violets — Forget-Me-Nots, Horned Violets and Pansies

Red and white: daisies — horned violets, daisies

With planting bowls, graves can quickly appear spring-like

Plant bowls and molds for planting are also suitable for grave design in spring . Planted with spring plants, these give the memorial a neat appearance quickly and easily. The vessels can be made of different materials. Either they are re-equipped again and again over many years as a permanent optionor you can choose the version made from recycled paper with a shorter shelf life. The latter can be completely composted and are therefore extremely environmentally friendly. The planted bowls are valuable signs of solidarity and offer an individual solution and decorative planting ideas in spring. The plant arrangements can be individualized with figures, stones or personal items. Either buy pre-made planters or make these mini gardens yourself.

Essential for success are:


• a drainage in the bottom of the vessel

• high quality potting soil with sufficient water storage capacity

• In this way, the watering intervals can be significantly reduced, there is no waterlogging and the plants delight with a rich abundance of flowers.

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In addition to the classic spring flowers, ivy, small conifers or structural plants are suitable for planting in bowls. With the mixed planting, the flowers of the annuals come into their own and the container looks structured. The permanent planting can be left in the bowls in summer, autumn and winter . Pots with a large volume of soil are easy to care for and decorative. In addition to the tombstone, easy-care grave planting can be carried out with a bowl. Ground covers are also suitable for pot planting. Pay attention to the right plants if the vessels are to be used as decoration in the cold season.


From the end of May, ice begonia, geraniums and much more can be planted on these so-called alternating areas for the summer months, depending on the location. These classics flower for months and adorn the grave with incomparable splendor. Read more about this in our blog post Grave planting tips for the summer. Stay up to date with us and don’t miss any grave design for spring or fall.


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