Herbs for cocktails, smoothies, tea and much more

Herbs are rich in aroma and full of flavor. Experience the variety of delicious drinks with our recipes and tips and start the summer with cocktails, ice tea and much more.

Drinks with fresh herbs

Experience the summer with fresh herbal drinks. Now the aromatic plants are rich in valuable ingredients and can be harvested in the garden or on the balcony thanks to their vigorous growth. Cocktails can be enchantingly decorated with fragrant blossoms, while children love iced tea with mint. Get to know the variety of herbs and enjoy a freshly prepared herbal tea, ice tea, smoothie and cocktail , delicious and rich in valuable aroma.

What are the benefits of drinks with fresh herbs:

can be made without added sugar
taste aromatic
are free of artificial additives
can be made quickly
provide variety

The use and enjoyment of herbs as tea has a long tradition, and herbal teas in particular are used particularly frequently.

With our tips you will experience herbal tea in a very special way:

Use freshly harvested herbs.
With lemon slices, sorrel leaves, lemon verbena and fruit mint you get a varied mix.
Keep trying new blends to make tea more varied.

In addition to the tea classics peppermint and lemon balm , well-known Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary , thyme and lavender are ideal for aromatic teas from our own herb garden . Let yourself be surprised by our special herbs and try out the variety of herbs.

Three special tea herbs:

herb name

Jiaogulan (Herb of Immortality)Brahmi

Gotu Kola (Longevity Plant)

Botanical designation

Gynostemma pentaphyllum Bacopa monnieri

Centella asiatica

plant parts used

Leaves, fresh or driedLeaves dried

leaves fresh


sweetish-tart tea, slightly bitter


It is also particularly important for children to drink enough. Are you looking for delicious drinks ? Homemade herbal drinks are a valuable addition. Try it yourself and experience completely new taste experiences. So Kölle Organic Apple Mint is suitable for delicious apple mint tea . Due to the low menthol content of the mint, this tea is an ideal drink for the whole family .

To sweeten the herbal-based drinks, ideally use sweet-tasting herbs . It tastes delicious and saves calories.

The following are particularly suitable for this:

• Kölle Bio Zuckerblatt – the calorie-free sugar substitute. Just 2-3 leaves per cup of tea provide the same sweetening power as a teaspoon of sugar. Sweetening can be that easy.

• Kölle Organic Aztec Sweet Herb – the natural sweetener without calories. Fresh or dried, the leaves provide a unique taste experience reminiscent of mint and honeydew melon with a light aniseed taste. Not least because of this special aroma, Kölle Organic Aztec Sweet Herb is ideal for delicious tea.

The imagination knows no limits. The combination of herbs and fruit juice creates delicious drinks for the summer . These are free of preservatives and artificial flavors and, with ice cubes, make a summery drink for young and old. Children are happy to help with the selection of aromatic plants and experience the great variety of herbs with all their senses. The delicate leaves of the chewing gum plant surprise with a mild mint flavor and can be enjoyed directly from the plant. The herbal specialty with the wonderful scent of chewing gum also tastes hot or cold as a tea, making it an absolute pleasure.

Green smoothies are a quick and easy way to get enough fruit and veg into your diet. Discover how fun this delicious meal can be as you prepare fruit, water, leafy greens and herbs.

It used to be the May punch , today Hugo, Mojito and Pimm’s are the classics at every summer garden party. Cocktails enrich every event and convey a holiday feeling and joie de vivre . Spoil your guests with special, self-mixed cocktails — according to personal taste with or without alcohol. The possibilities are almost limitless and the use of fresh herbs creates exciting mixtures. Be inspired and get to know the many variants. Depending on the availability of the herbs, new delicacies are always created . An aromatic herb punch is the ideal welcome drink at your summer barbecue.

Herb punch — non-alcoholic

• Seasonal herbs (woodruff, mint, lemon balm, sorrel, marjoram, sage, lemongrass, lemon verbena, etc.)

• 1 liter of apple juice

• 1/2 liter mineral water

• Juice from a lemon

Hang the bunch of herbs in the apple juice and chill. Remove the bouquet after at least 3 hours, add the lemon juice and mineral water and serve the bowl immediately. As an alternative, sparkling wine can also be added.

The use of fresh herbs wonderfully refines the taste of your cocktails . Make sure you give it a special touch with an attractive decoration. Discover the cocktail herbs lemon balm, pineapple mint, spearmint or Spanish mint from our Kölle’s organic herb range.

Even as a balcony gardener, you don’t have to do without the aromatic variety of fresh herbs. Even in the smallest of spaces, a wonderful herb garden can be created with little effort. Read more about this in the blog “Growing herbs and vegetables made easy” . You can find out everything about the big topic of herbs in our care tips for your herbs «How do I take care of my herbs properly?» and by our specialist staff in the garden centres.

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