Herbs for fitness salads — tasty and varied

With fresh salad herbs, you can conjure up delicious starters quickly and easily. Supplemented with other ingredients, a fitness salad is created in no time at all, which contributes to a varied diet. Enjoy the fresh dishes, not only for the spring diet.

Herbs as an aromatic salad accompaniment

With the beginning of spring, the desire to eat a varied diet increases. Especially after weeks with lots of sweet and high-fat foods, it is important that you do something good for your body. In addition to salads with delicious dressing, appetizers and soups as dishes with spicy and delicious ingredients are also important for your fitness. Below you will find out how you can mix herbs not only as a dressing, but also in other fresh dishes.

5 herbs for fitness salads

To increase the vitamin and mineral content of salads in winter , you should add fresh herbs. The selection of recipes is enormous, simply vary the ingredients according to your preferences. Lettuce serves as the basis, which you can combine with the following wellness herbs:


The native plant can be steamed as a vegetable like spinach or used as a side salad. With its peppery and slightly hot aroma, the vigorous plant is reminiscent of cress.


The arugula, known from Italian cuisine, can be used in many ways. But it’s not just a short-term trend, the very spicy herb has rightly found its place in the kitchen. Transform your dishes in a simple way with rocket. Whether as a starter, in herb butter, as a pizza ingredient or in fresh main dishes, the delicious herb with its nutty aroma is suitable for many occasions.

cut celery

The celery is not only a spicy ingredient for soups and stews, salads and herb quark are also a culinary delight. With various plant ingredients, the herb is particularly valuable. Use the leaves fresh as a spice similar to parsley and enjoy the delicious taste of celery cuttings.

winter purslane

The winter purslane is still quite unknown as a novelty, but soon the delicious winter herb will quickly find its place in the kitchen. The taste of the herb is similar to that of lamb’s lettuce. The fleshy leaves are harvested fresh and used in salads, especially during the colder months. The amazing plant defies the winter and you can harvest the leaves directly from the field or from pots on the windowsill where the plant can stand for a short time.

blood dock

The sorrel attracts particular attention with its fascinating foliage. Fine red leaf veins run through the light green leaf and make the herb an indispensable ingredient as a decorative addition to salad, herb quark or on bread. The young leaves and shoots are used fresh and, with their mild flavor, have a more pleasant taste than the well-known sorrel.

Reasons for using fresh herbs in salads:

Many herbs were already reliable companions for people in the Middle Ages. Some of these historical growths fell into oblivion over time. However, it is worth getting to know these plant treasures. In earlier times, many wild plants were important for medical care.

Even today there are many reasons to use different organic herbs as ingredients in food:

• The taste of the food is enhanced

• Rich in minerals and vitamins

• By using herbs, your dishes require less salt

• Diverse taste experience (food is naturally flavored)

Is there the right location for herbs?

In principle, you can place all kitchen herbs on the windowsill in the house for a short time. The aromatic herbs can be harvested regularly within 2-3 weeks. For longer use, an outdoor location is ideal for some species. Whether in the balcony box, raised bed or in the garden bed depends on your preferences and the local conditions.

In the case of an outdoor location, it is important to gradually get used to the outdoor conditions. Ideally you start on frost-free days. The so-called hardening is important so that the tender new shoots do not suffer and you can harvest continuously.

To protect against the cold, you can cover your herbs outdoors with a thin sheet of fleece overnight. This is how the aromatic plants get through phases with unfavorable weather conditions.

There are also types of herbs that prefer warmth and only feel comfortable outdoors from mid-May. This includes basil in particular.

Try out new recipes and be amazed at the variety of delicious dishes you can create quickly and easily. You can find ideas for finding your balance in the “Recipes” section, so you can get fit without having to diet.

Read more on the topic of «care tips for your herbs» and find out what wild herbs and shade herbs are and much more.

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