In 6 steps to a magnificent gift

You can conjure up a magnificent gift in just a few simple steps. Homemade and effective, gifts can be so magical. We will show you the individual steps.

The gift that makes hearts beat faster!

Conjure up a flowery gift in just a few simple steps that is guaranteed to make your eyes shine. Made with love and given from the heart, that’s what’s special about this floral arrangement. And with a bit of luck, the Christmas roses will delight you with new blossoms in the garden next year.

For the piece of jewelry you need the following materials:

• a flat bowl
• moss
• Christmas roses — depending on the size of the bowl 1-5 pieces
• one or more LED light chains, ideally with batteries and a timer (timer)
• cones
• Christmas
balls • branches
• artificial snow


Step 1: Fill the bowl with moss and set aside to decorate.

Step 2: Water the Christmas roses sufficiently and then place them in the pot in the bowl.

Tip: ideally use 1, 3 or 5 plants. The arrangement looks harmonious and round.

Step 3: The string of lights is distributed evenly around the plants.

Tip: It is best to use a chain of lights with a timer. This allows you to control the lighting individually and let the piece of jewelery shine at the same times day after day.

Step 4: Cover the soil in the pots with large cones. If necessary, the pegs can also be fastened with some wire.

Step 5: To give the floral piece a special shine, place shiny Christmas baubles in your favorite colors between the cones and Christmas roses.

Step 6: Finally, drape decorative branches and artificial snow between the Christmas roses — your individual gift for winter birthday children, for Christmas or just because is ready.

The enchanting arrangement becomes a wintry eye-catcher for many weeks. At the entrance to the house, in the hallway or on the covered balcony, the Christmas roses delight with their long flowering period. The self-designed decoration also adorns your home for a short time, but the hardy Christmas roses prefer temperatures below 18 °C and therefore only feel comfortable indoors temporarily. The variety of Christmas lights such as fairy lights leaves nothing to be desired.

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