Lawn care in spring

A lush green and well-groomed lawn without weeds does not have to remain a dream. With the right knowledge about the popular green, you can start the new lawn season well prepared. Now is the ideal time for lawn care. Clean up fall and winter damage and prepare the area for summer.

Lawn care made easy

A dense, green lawn as the focal point of your garden does not have to remain a dream for you. With the appropriate knowledge about the needs of the grass, you will come a lot closer to your wish. With the first sun in spring, your lawn will appreciate some attention and you can start lawn care. With the right fertilization and appropriate ventilation, you give your green space the best starting conditions after the winter.

1) Why scarify?

Sufficient air in the root area is important for the growth of all plants. The best way to aerate the soil is by scarifying. The turf is scratched and moss and thatch are removed. As a result, your soil is better aerated and the budding of young grasses is encouraged. In addition to hand tools for small lawns, there are petrol scarifiers or practical electric scarifiers for large lawns. Use our service and rent a scarifier directly from the garden center.

2) When to scarify?

• The best time for scarifying is from the end of March to mid-April. At this time, the growth is not too strong and your lawn has enough time to regenerate.

Scarified for the first time 3 to 4 years after sowing.

3) How to scarify lawn?

• Before scarifying, mow 2 to 4 cm of remaining length.

• Only start soil aeration when the surface is dry.

• Set the scarifying depth to 3 mm.

• Drive the scarifier quickly across your green carpet. Ideally, the lawn is scarified lengthwise and crosswise. This ensures that the scarifier’s blade shafts tear the moss out of the lawn.

• Make sure that the scarifier has sharp blades and that the turf is not cut too deeply.

4) What happens after the lawn is scarified?

• In the event of prolonged dryness after scarifying the lawn, it is important that you water.

Bald spots and brown spots are sown with Kölle’s Beste Lawn Reseeding. The fast-germinating, densely growing seed quickly grows into a resilient green. It is also optimal to consider whether a new system makes more sense if there are larger gaps or large areas. The best time for reseeding and new planting is spring and autumn.

Lime regulates the pH value of your soil and thus prevents new moss infestation. Ideally, Kölle’s Beste Natur-Kalk is applied from November to February. If this is not done, application can be carried out immediately after scarifying. Read everything about applying lime in our blog ‘ Lime the lawn: Find out everything you need to know here! `

• Now give yourself and your garden a break. With sufficient moisture and warmth, you can have a well-tended green space in just a few weeks.

• As soon as your lawn has recovered from scarifying, it’s time to start fertilizing because the most important prerequisite for a lush green, healthy lawn is a good supply of nutrients.

When is lawn fertilization necessary?

A soil analysis is now a good idea in spring to ensure that fertilization is needed. This will tell you exactly what nutrients need to be added. You will also receive information on the pH value of the soil. Use this service in our garden centers. After the analysis, you will know for the whole year how the right fertilization should take place specifically for your lawn.

1) Why is the lawn fertilized?

• Nutrients are removed with every lawn clipping, because the green clippings do not remain on the ground as a closed circuit.

• The soil is not able to supply sufficient nutrients on its own. Lawn fertilization is therefore necessary for a lush green lawn.

• Fertilization promotes the formation of side shoots on grass, making the lawn much denser and less susceptible to the unwanted formation of moss and weeds.

2) How do the individual components of a special lawn fertilizer work?

• The nitrogen contained in the high-quality lawn fertilizer promotes growth and the ability to regenerate.

• Root growth is promoted with the phosphorus it contains. As an important component in fertilizer, phosphorus also supports the metabolism of grasses.

Potassium improves the resistance of grasses to heat, cold and diseases. Potassium-rich fertilization is particularly important in autumn.

• The magnesium contained in the fertilizer strengthens the grass and gives it its dark green colour.

3) When is the lawn fertilized?

Lawn fertilization is appropriate when vegetation begins. Fertilizer applied in autumn is only available in small quantities after winter. Therefore, as a first step in spring, an analysis of the available nutrients is essential. In addition to water, light and warmth, the plants also need an adequate supply of nutrients in spring to grow. If you want a dense, lush green lawn quickly in spring, fertilizing with high-quality lawn fertilizer is essential. Ideally, fertilization takes place between mid-March and mid-April. It is best to use a lawn fertilizer with a long-term effect. This ensures that the nutrients are gradually made available to the lawn and are sufficient over a period of 8 to 10 weeks. It is best to fertilize a second time from the end of May or mid-June. Important nutrients are now necessary again. The ideal time to fertilize is one to two days after mowing.

Our gardening tip: Kölle’s Beste lawn fertilizer with a long-term effect is a fertilizer that is perfectly tailored to the needs of your lawn plants. Many years of tests and investigations have proven this.

4) How is the lawn fertilized?

• Ideally, the fertilizer is spread with a hand spreader or fertilizer spreader. This ensures even distribution over the area. Please note the dosage recommendation on the fertilizer package. If too much fertilizer is applied, unnecessary leaching occurs. Therefore, it is important to stick to the given fertilizer recommendations. Be sure to wear gloves when preparing.

• Spread the lawn fertilizer on dry soil. Optimal on days when rain is forecast or you sprinkle your lawn after fertilizing. In this way you prevent burns and the quality fertilizer quickly develops its desired effect.

Buy lawn fertilizer

When is the first lawn cut necessary?

The right time for the first mowing depends largely on the precipitation and the temperature in spring. The first mowing is due depending on whether or not you started scarifying the lawn during your lawn care. First of all, mowing the lawn once a week is enough. With the first cut, you automatically remove existing foliage and give the green carpet the right start. Basically, if you let the blades of grass grow too long, you have to expect bald spots. The same applies if you have set the cutting height too high and are only cutting the upper part of the stalks. It is therefore important that the cutting height of the mower is set correctly from the start.

Lawn cutting tips:

  • The first cut is made when the plant is 7 to 10 cm tall
  • The blades of grass are cut back to 3 to 4 cm in spring and early summer.
  • During hot periods in summer, the interval between mowing increases.
  • It is important that it is mowed regularly.
  • After precipitation or sprinkling, the areas should be well dried, this applies especially to heavy soils. The compaction of the soil caused by mowing has a negative effect all year round. So wait until the ground is dry before mowing.

Make sure you have sharp knives, otherwise the stalks will be crushed.
Regardless of whether you prefer an ornamental lawn, a sports and play lawn or a green area, some care is always necessary. But with the right knowledge about the needs of the grass, it is easy to achieve a lush green lawn. Lawn care made easy, in our advisor ‘The right lawn care for your dream lawn’ you will find out everything you need to know about the popular green. Here you will also receive valuable tips on the topics of new lawns, lawn seeds, mowing the lawn and much more. A perfect lawn requires some work, but with the right care, it is an asset to your own garden.

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