Lawn care in the fall

Here you can find out how to best prepare your lawn for the winter. Only with the right preparations will your green space survive the winter.

Tips for proper lawn care in autumn

After weeks of changeable weather, lots of rain or sun, it is important that you pamper your lawn and that it recovers from the strains of the summer so that it can start the winter full of vitality and strength. In addition to sufficient moisture, the right nutrients are important for perfect lawn care in autumn. Our professional tips will help you take care of your lawn in autumn.

1st tip: mow the lawn

Regular lawn mowing is also important for the health of your lawn grass. However, increase the intervals between the individual mowing processes, because the growth in length slows down in late summer. It is important when cutting the lawn in autumn that you increase the cutting height to 5 to 7 cm and do not drive when the green is too wet. Ideally, you should mow your lawn in the late afternoon, as the ground should be well dried. This ensures that the cutting is done without damaging the lawn. Existing leaves are simply collected in the garden.

2nd tip: fertilize the lawn

After summery days, the grasses are now recovering from the heat and drought. With cooler night temperatures and less sunshine, late summer days are a blessing for your lawn. It is important that you still provide the green with enough nutrients. The secret here is the correct composition of the fertilizer. In order for the green area to get through the winter well, you must use a potassium-rich fertilizer. Potassium strengthens the plant cells to protect against diseases and frost and thus provides the best conditions for good winter hardiness. If the fertilizer contains too much nitrogen, grass growth is stimulated and the grass becomes soft and susceptible to low temperatures and diseases. Special fertilizers for autumn contain the required nutrients in the right ratio and winter damage is avoided through optimal nutrient supply. Therefore, pay attention to the quality of the lawn fertilizer.

Potassium is particularly important for cell strengthening. The plants become more stable and evaporation is restricted. The best winter protection for your lawn.

• Fertilizer with the right additives

A good quality fall fertilizer is low in chloride. Chloride is difficult to degrade and pollutes the earth. If the soil contains too much chloride, certain nutrients are not absorbed and symptoms of deficiency occur despite the availability of nutrients.

• Easy and safe to apply

Use fall lawn fertilizer, which comes in granular form. In particular, the simple application and the possibility of even distribution are the advantages of this form of fertilizer.

With a quality autumn lawn fertilizer, you can pamper your green and give it the best start to winter. In this way you prepare your lawn for inhospitable weather conditions and protect the environment because you only add the necessary nutrients.

Our tip: You can also feed shrubs, fruit trees and berries with Kölle’s Beste autumn lawn fertilizer. The nutrients contained are optimal. Only for roses and perennials do we recommend a fertilizer without any nitrogen. Ideal for this is Kölle’s Beste Herbst-Dünger Winterfit with 30% potassium, but without nitrogen and phosphate content.

3rd tip: Water the lawn

Sufficient water for the lawn grasses is also important in late summer. If the phases without precipitation are too long, it is advisable to support the greenery with penetrating watering every 8 days. Ideally, watering is done in the early morning hours or in the evening.

4th tip: Pamper your lawn

You can do something good for your lawn with special soil conditioners. The mixture of lava and humus activates the micro-life and you improve the soil structure in a simple way. The result is better utilization of nutrients and an optimized water balance. Kölle’s Beste Lawn Activator is easy to apply and its effectiveness makes a significant contribution to the vitality of your lawn. Kölle’s Beste Lawn Activator is also ideally suited to preparing new lawns.

New lawn in autumn

Lawn seed needs temperatures of over 12 °C to germinate. Therefore, autumn is ideal for a new plant. The type of lawn you choose depends on your preferences. In addition to sports and play lawns, there is a large selection of lawn seeds. Read more about the topic of laying a new lawn in our guide «The right lawn care for your dream lawn».

Our tip: grasses germinate in the light. Therefore, the seed is only placed 1 to 2 cm into the ground and not covered too much with soil.

Scarifying in autumn

If your lawn suffered badly from the heat in the summer or if you have lawn areas in the garden where moss is spreading, then September is the ideal time to scarify the lawn and to repair the heavily used areas with lawn reseeding.

Treat your lawn to this cure and give it the chance to maintain itself with the right fertilizer and sufficient watering. In spring next year you will be delighted by a lush green and will reward you for your efforts.

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