Make the garden pond winterproof

Now you can do a lot to ensure that your garden pond gets through the winter well. Proper preparation for the cold season is very important, especially for fish.

This is how your water garden is winterized

With shorter days and cooler temperatures, it’s time to take care of the garden pond. You can winterize your pond in just a few simple steps. We show you how it works.

Pond care in October

1) With leaf protection nets you prevent too many leaves from falling into the pond. Fish off leaves that are already in the pond with the net and remove dead plant parts that are floating on the water surface. In this way you prevent the formation of septic gases due to decomposition processes in autumn and winter and the animals in the garden pond dying.

2) Cut back on feeding the fish greatly and stop altogether towards the end of the month.

3) Remove pond pumps and filters and store them frost-free and according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

4) Terrace ponds are overwintered completely in the garage or basement. The danger of freezing through is too great here.

Pond maintenance in November

1) If your pond is very shallow, we recommend protecting fish and water lilies over the winter. A basement or garage room with temperatures of 5-8°C is ideal. If the water depth is more than 80 cm, most aquatic plants can remain in the water and overwinter without damage.

2) Water lettuce and water hyacinth are sensitive to frost. Overwinter them indoors in deep bowls of water.

3) Reeds, cattails and rushes are only cut back after winter. The stalks are the natural ventilation of the pond in winter and serve as winter quarters for many insects.

Pond maintenance in December

1) With ice preventers you ensure the exchange of oxygen in your garden pond in winter. We recommend this especially for ponds with fish stock and waters with insufficient oxygen content. This ensures gas exchange from the air to the water and helps your fish.

2) Fan pumps can help oxygenate the pond and keep the pond ice free during light frosts.

Read everything you need to know about the garden pond in detail in our garden pond advisor.

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