Mistletoe as a messenger of good luck and a kiss — an old custom rediscovered

Where does the custom of kissing under the mistletoe come from? What makes deciduous mistletoe so special? How lucky are you with the mystical plant? What ideas are there for decorating with mistletoe? The mistletoe: meaning, decoration and much more can be found in this blog post.

Magic moments with the mistletoe: kissing tradition for great love

If a kiss falls under the mistletoe, this promises great love that will last a lifetime. Do you know this custom that is celebrated at Christmas especially in the USA and Great Britain? According to tradition, a young woman cannot refuse a kiss when she is near a mistletoe at Christmas time. She will not marry next year without being kissed and will experience eternal love in the new year. According to legend, mistletoe was the sacred branch of the Germanic goddess of love, Frigga. Do you know where the tradition comes from when a kiss falls under the mistletoe? Read all about the mistletoe & its importance and the special features of the plant.Find out this and much more! Marvel at the fascinating mistletoe decoration for Christmas with white berries and evergreen leaves. We will also show you how to preserve mistletoe.

Mistletoe: Meaning, Appearance & Special Features

Mistletoe grows mainly on poplar, linden, willow, birch and apple trees. High up in old trees, spherical crowns can be seen that are hidden by the tree’s leaves in summer, but are clearly visible after the leaves fall in autumn. In the bare branches of the trees, the plants with their green leaves are conspicuous. The size varies depending on the age of the plant, but it takes almost 10 years from germination to the mistletoe crown. Recently, white-berry mistletoe has become more and more common. One reason is that tree pruning is no longer carried out as consistently and the evergreen leaves of the Viscum genus are therefore becoming less commoncan develop unhindered. The infested trees suffer somewhat from the epiphytes, but the tree can only die if the infestation is severe. Especially with young trees, you should remove the affected branches in winter or early spring. The seeds are dispersed by birds. When eating the berries, thrushes and woodpeckers in particular scrape the sticky pulp with the seeds on the tree bark. In addition, the undigested seed is transferred to other trees with the feces, where it then germinates.

Did you know that mistletoe, as a semi-parasite, withdraws water and nutrients from the tree, but can carry out photosynthesis on its own? Nevertheless, mistletoe is dependent on other plants and cannot exist on its own. This fact gave mistletoe a special role to the Celts. For a long time, mistletoe was hung up to protect against evil spirits and fire and was worshiped as a sacred plant. Attempts were also made to use the plant for medical purposes, and parts of the mistletoe plant are still used in homeopathic medicine today.

The mistletoe we offer is harvested by professionally trained staff and cut individually piece by piece. The origin is from well-defined regions. With their elongated and leathery leaves, mistletoe is extremely attractive and suitable for atmospheric Advent and Christmas decorations.

6 facts about the mistletoe

Mistletoe is also known as wintergreen, witch’s herb and witch’s broom. The terms alone show that there are many historical myths and customs behind this special plant.

Mistletoe are plants of the genus Viscum and semi-parasitic shrubs. This means that part of their energy comes from so-called host plants. The half-parasite leaves the host tree alive in order to be able to participate in the longer term.

Contrary to popular belief, the berries are not poisonous, but all other parts of the mistletoe are.

Not all mistletoe has berries. There are all-male and all-female plants, the latter having white, sticky berries.

Mistletoe is spread by birds. Mistletoe berries are a popular natural winter food for birds. The seed is excreted by the bird and thus spread further. The fruit also sticks to their beaks and is thus distributed to other trees.

Much has not yet been researched about mistletoe, but it is up to you whether you believe that the mistletoe twigs unfolded their effect in the legendary magic potion of the druid Miraculix. Bring the magic of the mystical plant home and experience the miracle effect for yourself.

The versatile mistletoe: decoration & inspiration

1) Individual branches or entire crowns of mistletoe are used primarily in Christmas decorations. In combination with Christmas lights such as fairy lights, the classics of the Advent season come into their own.

2) With a pretty ribbon you can hang your mistletoe or attach whole crowns to the ceiling or a door frame. The custom from England of kissing while standing under the mistletoe can also come to life in your home.

3) Decorate your gifts with ribbon and sprigs of mistletoe. This is how tasty gifts are created quickly and effectively.

4) In combination with other branches such as fir branches, mistletoe creates a special Advent atmosphere. The fascinating plant is combined with cones, red apples or balls.


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5) Design your Advent wreath or arrangement with a combination of different types of fir greens and mistletoe. Or make a arrangement with different greens and the evergreen shrub. With this mistletoe decoration you get a Christmas decoration with mystical flair.

6) Do you like it shiny ? Then spray the mistletoe gold or silver. This creates an atmospheric Advent decoration in no time at all.

Preserving mistletoe – our tip

If you want to enjoy your mistletoe for a particularly long time and you would like to preserve your mistletoe branches, you should hang the branches or crowns outdoors. If you hang your mistletoe on the balcony, terrace or at the entrance to the house, you have chosen the ideal place for your Christmas decorations.

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