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Pumpkin — the star of autumn!

Hardly any vegetable is as versatile in shape and color as the pumpkin. Countless species and varieties surprise in autumn and many of them enrich our menu.

Interesting facts about the pumpkin

When you think of pumpkins, the image of colorful decorations on your doorstep automatically comes to mind. Hollowed out by children’s hands, with bright eyes as soon as the work of art is finished and happily decorated with tea lights, the magnificent fellows stand for weeks and shine in the evening.

The variety of pumpkin dishes

But the shapely vegetables can do more than just look pretty. The healthy fruits can be used in an endless variety of dishes. In order to not only have to stick to pumpkin soup, we recommend 3 alternative ideas:

1) Simple and delicious: microwave pumpkin

Here the lid is simply cut off, the seeds removed, filled and, depending on the size, cooked in the microwave for 8-15 minutes and the treat is ready.

2) Refined: gourmet pumpkin

This group is characterized by the particularly aromatic taste and you can conjure up sophisticated dishes with it.

3) Convenient and quick: grill pumpkin

Try this interesting group of squash on the grill. Simply peel, core, cut into wedges and place marinated on the grill. The healthy addition to meat and sausages.

Experience the pumpkin market

In our pumpkin market in the garden center we have marked the groups with special labels for you. This makes it easier for you to find your way around and immediately see the ideal use for the respective pumpkin.

All squashes are easy to use in the kitchen. Whether you roast, bake, grill, cook, puree or pickle the delicious autumn vegetables is up to your imagination. Pumpkin not only tastes delicious , but is also healthy. Did you know that pumpkin boosts the immune system in a simple way and is rich in vitamin C, calcium and magnesium? Get to know new things about pumpkins in our pumpkin market, choose from over 40 different types and try selected pumpkin delicacies yourself at home. We offer you a variety of interesting recipes, from Mediterranean to grilling with pumpkins, in our recipe booklets you will find many new ideas for cooking with healthy vegetables.

Pumpkin harvest made easy

Cultivation in your own garden is child’s play, and if you sow or plant in May, the fruits of your labor can now be harvested:

Ripe fruits can be recognized by a hard, woody stalk. Now you can carefully separate the fruit with scissors.

• In order to avoid bruises and thus preserve a longer shelf life, it is important to transport the pumpkin carefully. Ideally, newspaper is placed under or between the fruit.

• Many varieties can be stored for months. Temperatures below 15°C and a dry and dark place are ideal for this.

Pumpkin ideas

In addition to the tasty squashes, there is the ornamental squash. You can only use the large group of ornamental gourds with a wide range of shapes for colorful autumn decorations in the house or on the balcony ; they are not suitable for consumption. Thanks to decorative gourds, you can conjure up an atmospheric ambience on your dining table in just a few simple steps.