Start feeding wild birds early

Wild birds can be observed up close at feeding stations. Here you can find out why you should start feeding early and what is important to consider.

How best to help wild birds through the winter

Feeding the birds in winter has a long tradition. Do you also have memories of childhood days? Early in the morning we went into the garden to the bird feeder, where the kernels of the last few days had been completely eaten. New food was eagerly distributed and back in the house a quick look was taken to see whether the first guests had already arrived at the aviary. In this way, generations have ensured that the wild birds survive and that we can still find a large number of species in our gardens today — because the natural food sources have decreased due to the reduction in area and the wild birds are dependent on our help.The feeding of wild birds not only serves to gain and pass on valuable species knowledge, but essentially to preserve the species. Find out what needs to be considered when feeding birds, which bird species there are and what other options you can use to support the free-living birds.

Interesting facts about wild bird feeding

  • Start feeding early. In this way, the birds get used to the feeding stations that the animals rely on and can get the vital food they need even in ice and snowfall. Therefore, wild birds should be fed even in mild weather!
  • Ideally, you should switch to year-round feeding and feed the wild birds at a fixed feeding place with as little interruption as possible.
  • Only use quality food for the wild birds.
  • Only feed as much as will be eaten in 1 to 3 days. Old, contaminated feed harms the animals, which is why the birds will avoid their feeding place in the future.
  • Clean the feeding station regularly.
  • Increase the amount of food as temperatures drop.
  • Due to declining natural food sources, wild bird feeding contributes to the preservation of biodiversity among birds.
  • Feeding is a very special nature experience and allows you to observe the birds up close. You and your family will learn a lot of interesting facts about the cute birdies. Are you wondering which is the right food?

Which birds live wild in your garden and come to be fed?

a) Grain eaters: these include sparrows, bullfinches, siskins and all finch species. In the picture on the right: chaffinch.
b) Soft-feeders: these include robins, wrens, blackbirds, thrushes, starlings and nuthatches.
c) mixed feeders: this includes all species of tits.

Knowing this, it is easy to understand that high-quality special feed is tailored to the needs of wild birds and is based on their natural diet. You can only help the free-living birds through the winter with quality food. Think about it early and buy winter bird seed

What you should consider when feeding the birds:

1) The feeding place should be placed in a weather -protected place that is difficult for cats to access.
2) An optimal bird feeder has a generous roof overhang — this protects the feed from rain and snow.
3) A large filling chimney makes it easy to refill the feed.
4) When temperatures are low, feed small amounts daily and discard leftover food.
5) Regular cleaning of the feeding stationwith hot water and a brush is very important to prevent disease transmission between birds.

What else can you do for wild birds?

In addition to feeding, you can take many other measures to make the birds feel comfortable in your garden. Many wild birds find shelter and breeding grounds in hedgerows. In addition, hedges with fruit are a valuable source of food. Hawthorn, yew and holly are suitable for this. Wild cherry, mountain ash and pear with their delicious fruits are ideal as solitary plants for the local bird world. Wild birds feel particularly at home in a natural garden and, with your support, get through the winter in the best possible way. For more information and a feeding calendar, see our Bird Feeding Guide.

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