The apple — delicious and easy to grow!

You can harvest aromatic fruits in your own garden without much care. Experience the seasons with your own apple tree in the garden and conjure up delicacies such as apple sauce and apple pie with fresh fruit. Column and dwarf trees are ideal for beginners and small gardens.

The apple: the right variety for every garden and taste. Plant now!

There is evidence that apple trees have been planted since ancient times and people have associated the glorious fruit with life. The fruit was seen symbolically for new beginnings, female power and love. Sufficient vitamins are necessary to get through the fall and winter in good health. The daily apple can make a significant contribution here. Even today, the apple is the No. 1 fruit in Germany and on average 20 apples are eaten per person per month. If you don’t have your own apple tree yet, now is the ideal opportunity to plant a new one. After all, what could be nicer than harvesting fruit from your own garden together?

Now is planting time for all fruit trees

1) All trees have completed their growth in autumn and are in the dormant phase. Transplanting into the still warm soil is therefore ideal. The trees quickly establish themselves and form new roots.

2) The ideal location for your apple tree is sunny, as this is the only way to produce magnificent, beautifully colored fruit.

3) With a large planting hole (approx. 40cm deep and 50cm wide) and high-quality planting soil, you can give your fruit tree the best start.

4) Water deeply immediately after planting and cover with mulch. This reduces evaporation and minimizes weed growth. Basically, it should be watered thoroughly, but not too often.

5) In the first year after planting, you can harvest the first fruits under good conditions. In the 2nd and 3rd year the harvest increases enormously and you can reap the fruits of your labour.

In addition to the aspect of the rich harvest, an apple tree also has a decorative value and at the same time it is a valuable source of food for bees and other insects. The seasons are perceived more consciously with your own tree in the garden and with a little planning you can enjoy the vitamin-rich fruits from August until well into winter. In order to experience the full taste, it is important to know what to consider when harvesting.

Everything about the apple harvest

1) With apples, a distinction is made between ripeness for picking and ripeness for consumption.

2) The ripeness of picking determines when the apples can be harvested from the tree. You can easily tell when the apple is ripe for picking when it is easy to pick from the tree. If the fruit is still stuck, it is not yet ripe for picking.

3) The ripeness for consumption is the point in time when the apple has unfolded its full aroma. Depending on the variety, the apple is ideal for eating immediately after harvest or 6-8 weeks later. With the appropriate selection of varieties, you can always enjoy the best fruit throughout the autumn.

There is an ideal apple tree for every garden! Which is your apple tree?

1) Is your garden too small? Column apples and dwarf apples that can cope with less than 1 square meter are space-saving. The ideal tree for small gardens or large containers.

2) Does everyone have different tastes? The family tree has up to 4 different varieties on one tree and therefore the right apple for every taste. It’s easy to keep the whole family happy and everyone will find their favorite strain.

3) Can’t eat apples? For apple allergy sufferers, we offer you the «Santana» variety as an ideal alternative to not eating apples. This variety has a high polyphenol content, which renders the allergenic substances in the apple harmless. Enjoyment without regrets with the healthy variety known from organic cultivation.

4) Do you love old strains? For friends of historical apple varieties, the «Gravensteiner» variety is the ideal variety. With strongly fragrant fruits and an aromatic taste, memories of childhood days are awakened when enjoyed.

5) Present yourself or someone else with an apple tree. A gift with increasing value and long-lasting joy!

Did you find your apple tree? If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you and will also order standard trees and special varieties if required. You can find lots of tips on the subject of fruit in our orchard advisor, or you can try your favorite variety at our apple market. Plant now — the conditions are ideal and the plants will thank you with rapid growth in your garden!

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