The best gift ideas for garden lovers

Are you looking for a gift that is popular and brings a lot of joy? Be inspired by our gifts and choose your perfect gift from our selection of original surprises and gift ideas. Garden, terrace and balcony will be even more beautiful with these gifts. So you can not only delight garden lovers and balcony owners — maybe there is something for you too!

Gift ideas for garden lovers and gifts for nature lovers

The search for the right gift is over! We’ll show you how easy it is to find an original gift that not only brings a lot of joy, but is also very useful. We have put together useful and practical gift ideas for garden lovers, nature lovers or technology lovers — discover the perfect gift idea for every occasion here. We have selected the best gifts for garden lovers for you and hope you enjoy browsing — simply give away plants! You will find many gift ideas online and in our garden centers. Garden, terrace and balcony can be transformed into a beautiful oasis of well-being with the help of these.

Trendy and decorative wax amaryllis

The waxed amaryllis — also known as hippeastrum — is a true exotic plant and particularly suitable as a trendy decoration. They are available in many different colors and patterns, with or without glitter, with a sweater and even in XXL. With this large selection, you are sure to find the right knight star for your loved ones.

Depending on your wishes, the amaryllis can be decorated and used in a variety of ways — ideal as a gift! The special waxed amaryllis is also a great gift idea. Caring for amaryllis in wax — very simple and easy to care for!

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Give joy with a bouquet of flowers

Say it through the flower: let the flowers speak for themselves with our custom-made bouquets ! A beautiful bouquet brings joy and is suitable for every occasion. Whether a small bouquet of flowers or a magnificent and elaborate specimen — with our flowers you will conjure up joy on the faces of your loved ones. The flowers are tied and securely packed by our qualified staff so that the bouquet arrives at the recipient in high quality. You can also have a small greeting card made for free. Have fun giving away our flowers!

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Gifts for decor lovers

Decorative items and accessories for the home are also a nice gift idea, especially for lovers of cozy blankets, trendy decorative plates, fragrance lamps, solar lights, fairy lights, artificial plants and Christmas candles for a cozy atmosphere. With decorative pillows, your home can also be transformed into an oasis of well-being in no time at all. Here the selection is particularly large and the decorative ideas for beautifying your house and garden leave nothing to be desired. Take a look at our wide range of home accessories and find the right products for your loved ones.


Last minute gift: Our gift voucher to print out

Christmas is just around the corner and you don’t have a present yet? No problem! Printable vouchers are the solution for you: Give away a voucher from Pflanzen-Kölle that you can print out directly. Simply select your desired amount and after successful completion of the purchase you will receive your printable voucher by e-mail within 30 minutes.

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More gift ideas: beautify the garden, terrace and balcony

Garden friends easily gifted

The garden owner is at work with a lot of commitment. But with the right tool, the work is much easier to do. Why not give away high-quality garden tools: Ergonomically shaped scissors or a new spade are sure to be well received. There are many practical helpers as gifts for garden lovers and they not only delight men! Decorate quickly with a bow and the ideal gift for every hobby gardener is complete.

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Gift ideas for nature lovers

A natural garden is trendy and represents an easy-care variant for everyone who likes to promote and marvel at the local flora and fauna. With the right choice of plants and enough retreats for useful animals, the dream simply becomes reality. Present insect hotels, nesting boxes or a feeding house and give a nature lover great joy in a very special way. Certainly a unique gift with lasting value and a good cause as a significant contribution to nature conservation. There are numerous gifts for nature lovers online and in our garden centers. In this way you can give children and adults alike great joy and with the right birdseedthe shared experience can begin immediately. Buy wild bird food now and make animal lovers happy.

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Clever ideas for young gardeners

Children experience and experience nature in a playful way and are thus encouraged in their development. Give away knowledge and support the children’s urge to explore. Handicraft sets for insect hotels, hedgehog baskets or bird houses are original gifts for children. In this way you create living space for useful helpers and the children can observe and learn exciting things over many months. With seed kits, the gardeners of tomorrow will see how easy it is to grow aromatic herbs themselves on the windowsill — ideal gifts for nature lovers, big and small.

Aromatic gift ideas for herbal fans

Friends of herbs and spices like to have herbs given to them. The range invites you to collect and in addition to sophisticated innovations, you will also find the right, high-quality herb scissors, which are simply perfect as a gift. With combinations of herbal soil and plants, a beautiful starter package is created that encourages balcony gardeners to try it out.

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Ideas for rose lovers

Roses should not be missing in any garden. As the queen of flowers, they delight for many months. It doesn’t matter whether you want to give a gift to a rose lover or a beginner gardener, there is a large selection of suitable gift ideas. In addition to a new garden helper, a new rose is always a special idea for rose lovers. The gift is supplemented with suitable rose soil and rose fertilizer — rose dreams can come true that easily.

A voucher for perennials, shrubs or accessories is also a gift idea for rose lovers or as a gift for garden lovers. In this way, buying the novelty in the rose range can become an experience. Attach a bow to the voucher and the garden lover will quickly receive a gift at Christmas.

buy roses

Gifts for houseplant gardeners

Lovers of flowering potted plants and indoor plants such as green plants will greatly appreciate a voucher or a plant. Orchid lovers are sure to be delighted with a set consisting of orchid fertiliser, orchid leaf care and orchid soil — with this the care of the exquisite beauties is sure to be successful.

For anyone who wants green in their home but doesn’t have the time or a green thumb, you can buy artificial plants and score points with this gift. Artificial green plants that look like the real thing are particularly popular with us.

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You will find numerous gifts and gift ideas online and in our garden centers. The garden, terrace and balcony of your friend of nature can be made even more beautiful immediately.

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