The most important tips for April

1. Now is the best time to plant perennials, roses, fruit trees and all shrubs.
2. Take care of your pond. Dead parts and leaves must be removed. New plantings are now possible.
3. Now plant strawberries. Existing systems from last year are now being fertilized with berry fertilizer
4. Potatoes, onions and shallots are planted when the soil has dried out.
5. Spring treatment for your lawn: scarify and fertilize.
6. Cooking with valuable herbs: Spice up many dishes with sorrel, celery and rocket.

ornamental garden

Hardly any other tree attracts attention as magically as the magnolia ! The elegant, enchanting flowers are particularly magnificent and delight with an unbelievable abundance of flowers . In addition, the wood is particularly robust and easy to care for and has a unique shape. The selection of varieties is greatest during flowering — so plant your dream variety now and enjoy the beauty of your magnolias for decades to come.

Now is the right time for the rose cut . If you want vigorous plants in the garden, you should remove the weak shoots. The abundance of flowers is also increased with the cut.

Pruning roses — how to cut your roses in spring

Klaus Kölle is not only the great-great-grandson of the founder of Pflanzen-Kölle, but also a managing director and gardener with body and soul since 1984. In our videos, the passionate gardener explains the special features of pruning roses — from the fragrant rose to the rose stem.

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You need these utensils for the rose pruning

In the video, Mr. Kölle shows the materials you need for a professional pruning of roses.

The soil is already somewhat warm, and with sufficient moisture , new plantings do well . So plant roses, ornamental trees, perennials and hedge plants now. High-quality planting soil and a sufficiently large planting hole offer the best starting conditions for your garden treasures.

Check your box plants weekly for box tree moth caterpillars . If the infestation is low, collecting the voracious caterpillars is the most environmentally friendly solution. Please also note our blog post ‘Protecting box trees properly’ .

Now prune your winter flowering bulbs after they have bloomed . Above all, winter jasmine and snow heather should be cut to encourage the flowering of these robust trees.

In the open ground, sowing of cornflowers, delphiniums and snapdragons begins. In our garden calendar you can find out when you can start sowing the other summer flowers.


Bees and other insects are very important for a rich fruit harvest . With an insect hotel you can offer the valuable helpers a shelter for nesting.

Strawberries are easy to care for and undemanding. You can also plant strawberries in raised beds on the balcony with little effort . In addition to the aromatic wild strawberries , there is a large selection of other varieties. Start the berry season now and plant your own fruit trees!
Get your orchard off to the right start in the season! Now is the ideal time for fertilization: With organic special fertilizer and organic soil you promote soil life and stimulate the formation of humus.


In the event of a prolonged drought , young fruit trees must be watered with 10 to 20 liters of water to ensure safe growth. This also applies to trees that were planted last year.

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Herb and vegetable garden

A large selection of lettuce and cabbage plants are now also available – ideally, the plants that are brought forward are planted in a foil house or cold frame . When planting outdoors , we recommend protecting the delicate plants with fleece . In this way, the spring sun is intensified and the plants are well protected even with lower night temperatures.

Spinach, carrots, parsnips and much more can be sown outdoors . Start sowing seeds now and harvest the first treasures from your own garden or balcony in just a few weeks!

Perennial herbs such as peppermint, lovage and lemon balm can now be planted in the garden and will provide aromatic foliage throughout the summer.

Buying herbs Ideally, cucumber and melon seeds are sown in pots around the house . With sufficient moisture and warmth, the strong plants are ready for planting out by the beginning of May.

Onion sets and potatoes are planted on dry soil . With different types of potatoes , you always have fresh tubers to harvest from July through to autumn.

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balcony and terrace

When the weather is mild , robust potted plants are brought out of their winter quarters . Gradual acclimatization to outdoor weather conditions is important ; Otherwise, the leaves will be damaged if the sun is strong. Cloudy, mild days with little sunshine are ideal.

Take care of your spring bloomers (tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, snowdrops and crocuses) now by fertilizing with bulb power and making sure the soil is evenly moist. The flowers now store energy in the bulbs and only with proper care will they please with lush blooms in the coming year. Gaps in the bed can be quickly filled with attractive flowering plants, the choice for this is huge. Gold lacquer, forget-me-nots or purple bells are decorative. Flowering perennials and shrubs are also ideal for permanent balcony and terrace planting .

It is particularly exciting for children to grow their own fruit and vegetables. With their own bed, they learn about plant growth in a playful way and take on responsibility . Peas, radishes or wild strawberries are ideal for children. With the right garden accessories for children, you can playfully do the gardening together with your child.

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crop protection

With plant protection nets, you can protect your seeds quickly and easily from annoying vegetable flies . The use of carrots, leeks and onions is particularly recommended.

Poorly nourished plants are susceptible to diseases and pests. Needs-based fertilization can prevent this and protect the vitality of your plants. Especially at the beginning of the vegetation, it is advisable to supply woody plants and perennials with natural fertilizer.

With Kölle’s organic plant treatment you help the plants’ own immune system and sustainably reduce the infestation of plant pests and fungi — so protect your plants better preventively .

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indoor garden

Enjoy the variety of flowering potted plants ! In addition to hydrangeas, begonias and roses with many different flower colors are particularly pleasing. Enchanting arrangements are sure to bring spring into your home too.

indoor plants


Thorough care in the spring is important for a lush pond year . Remove dead plant parts and prevent unwanted algae growth. The marsh marigolds at the edge of the pond are bright yellow , robust and easy to care for. Now plant these little suns.

Enjoy the warm days on the balcony and terrace! With mini ponds you create a biotope for dragonflies and other insects . In addition, beautiful water features can be created in sufficiently large vessels with pumps. Fish feeding begins when the water temperature reaches 12 °C .

garden pond


Early April to early June is the best time to sow the lawn . The seed germinates optimally at a soil temperature of over 12 °C and you will have a lush green lawn in just a few weeks. Since the grasses germinate in the light , it is important that the seed is not covered with soil . lawn products

Cut your lawn at the beginning of the gardening season from a growth height of 7 to 10 cm. First of all, it is enough to mow the lawn every 7 to 10 days . With rising temperatures, growth increases and the interval between mowing operations is shortened.

Our tip: Our gardening tips are also available in a practical booklet that you can print out and look up — so you always have everything you need right at hand.

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