The most important tips for August

1. For a long flowering period, balcony plants and potted plants must be fertilized regularly. 2. Now is the ideal time for sowing: lamb’s lettuce, spinach, lettuce, radishes and fennel. 3. Gaps in the garden and on the balcony are quickly closed with dahlias and grasses. 4. Thread algae are regularly fished off in the pond. This is important to get enough oxygen for the fish. 5. Think about spring now. Bulbs of winterlings, snowdrops, lilies and much more develop magnificently if planted in good time. 6.Helichrysum, lavender, globe thistles and hydrangeas are suitable for dried bouquets: cut them now and hang them upside down in a shady, dry place to dry.


ornamental garden

Get the lightness and elegance of ornamental grasses at home. For the next few months, the robust perennials look good in pots or in the garden . Filigree flowers and fine foliage set special accents. We offer you over 30 different types and varieties from our own nursery .

Roses that bloom more often will delight with more blooms in August . For healthy plants, it is very important that faded flowers are removed regularly and the plants are strengthened with Kölle Bio Plant Treatment .

Many summer-blooming perennials now delight with a rich abundance of flowers . In addition to lavender, catnip, cornflowers and coneflowers, there are many perennial plants that fill gaps in the bed and delight with their flowers for years to come in the summer . All perennials and roses can be planted now and grow well before winter. Take advantage of the good planting season! Feel free to take a look at our diverse range. Buying plants online can be so convenient and easy.

Annual plants such as geraniums, petunias and fuchsias are regularly trimmed and given liquid fertilizer . The lush plants bloom well into autumn.

August is planting time for snowdrop bulbs and tubers, autumn crocus, ornamental onions and lilies. The full range of onions will be available at the end of the month. Read more about this in our blog «Plant flower bulbs now for lush blooms next spring!» and learn why timely planting is so important for optimal development.


From the middle of the month, summer pruning can be carried out on pome and stone fruit . Excessive shoots that are not necessary for the crown structure are removed. This care measure is mainly beneficial for fruit development . It is important that newly planted trees are not cut, because here every leaf is important. In the case of prolonged drought, young trees should be watered with 20 to 30 liters of water per tree .


For a rich strawberry harvest in the coming year, the young plants are planted now, as well-developed roots and the cold stimulus in winter are essential for flowering. Find out everything about strawberries here .

Blueberries are ideal for the balcony. It is important that you use Kölle’s Beste Rhododendron soil when planting and that the pot is big enough. Now there is the delicious Nachschobst with rich fruit hanging , the ideal gift for the next garden party or treat yourself.

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Herb and vegetable garden

The first potatoes can be harvested. You can tell the optimum time for harvesting by looking at the potato cabbage. When about two-thirds of the herb has fallen over and dried up, you can start this year’s harvest. The potato skin should be quite dark and firm. Mid-early potatoes are harvested in August.

You can sow spinach and lamb’s lettuce on harvested beds . Now is also the best time to plant endive . If it is very hot, you should shade the seedlings a little for the first few days.


Tomatoes, peppers, courgettes and aubergines ripen in summer temperatures . It is important that you harvest the fruits at the optimum time . Courgettes that are too big no longer taste tender, the skin of aubergines must give way a little under pressure and the cut fruit should no longer be greenish on the inside. Eggplants that are harvested too early also contain too much solanine. Buy vegetable plants

Sow radishes and radishes regularly . After just a few weeks, you can harvest the healthy snacks in your own garden. Read more about this in the vegetable sowing calendar .

Harvest your herbs regularly . If the growth is good, you can preserve the aroma wonderfully by soaking in vinegar or oil and drying.

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balcony and terrace

With chrysanthemums, house entrances and terraces can be beautified quickly and easily . In many colors and sizes, the lush flowering plants are an absolute eye-catcher in late summer, and can be perfectly combined with common heather, purple bells, grasses and many attractive structural plants.

Keep caring for your balcony plants . In addition to the even water supply, breaking out of the faded flowers is essential. Fertilizing with liquid fertilizer once a week is recommended. In this way you can ensure that the flowers will continue to bloom for weeks.

With automatic watering , your balcony plants will be well taken care of during the holiday season. Intelligent irrigation systems help with watering and make work much easier. We would be happy to advise you on this subject in our service department or alternatively offer our gardening service.

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crop protection

To prevent brown rot on tomatoes , remove the leaves that are close to the ground. If leaves are already diseased, they are disposed of with household waste. Mulch made of straw or lawn clippings helps to prevent spores from flying and thus keeps the moisture in the soil better.

The vine weevil affects many plant species. The typical bay damage is found particularly on rhododendrons, cherry laurel and spindle bushes. There are only a few effective methods of combating it. Ideally, the larvae in the soil are fought by beneficial insects. Control is most effective in warm soil. Order the Neudorff order set for beneficial insects in our garden centers now .

Mosquitoes can become a nuisance, especially in summers with regular rainfall . With fragrant plants and scented candles you minimize annoying insects on the balcony and terrace. Decorative curtains that look decorative and keep unwanted insects out are ideal for patio doors.

Plants that are regularly treated with Kölle’s Bio Aktiv products are more robust and less susceptible to fungal diseases . It is also important that the leaves do not get wet when watering. Watering directly to the roots is ideal.

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indoor garden

Treat your green plants to some wellness. Especially in summer when the air is dry, it is a blessing for the decorative indoor plants if they are sprayed with water .

Potted amaryllis are now watered less . The popular flowering plant is in its 3rd growth phase and needs rest. Care tips and useful information about amaryllis can be found in our guide section.

Cacti can also stand on balconies and terraces . Water sparingly every 7 to 10 days depending on species. More water is only harmful.

On warm days it is important that you protect plants on south-facing windows from too much sunlight . If the leaves already show sharply defined brown spots, the plants are suffering from sunburn. If possible, shade more heavily or choose a different location for August.

Is your orchid growing fresh shoots and young leaves? Then now is the right time to repot . With high-quality Kölle’s Beste orchid soil, you give the noble plants the best conditions for rich flowering. Read more about this in our Plants AZ «How do I care for my orchids» .

indoor plants


Regularly check the functioning of the pond pumps and filters , because it is important that there is sufficient oxygen in the water, especially when the weather is persistently warm.

Make up for lost water and add fresh water to your pond when needed .

Fish out algae and duckweed regularly . If the growth of algae is too strong, we recommend using Kölle’s Beste Algae Killer or Kölle’s Beste Filamentous Algae Killer. Read more about pond care in summer in our guide «The Fascination of Garden Ponds» .

garden pond


During non-rainfall periods , it is important that you water your lawn thoroughly . Ideally, this happens in the evening or early morning hours. It is important that the water reaches the deeper soil layers.

With high-quality lawn fertilizer you get a lush green lawn . Thanks to the iron it contains, Kölle’s Beste Lawn Vital works quickly and effectively. The power fertilizer also improves lawn health.


Let the grass grow a little taller in summer , because a lawn that is cut too short burns more quickly due to lack of water.

Would you like to create a new lawn ? Then you can currently prepare the area and start with the new planting from the end of the month . Read more about this in our guide “The right lawn care for your dream lawn” .


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