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The most important tips for December

1. Birds need to be fed continuously. 2. Caring for the potted plants in the winter quarters. 3. Bring light into the dark season with fairy lights and candles. 4. Harvest lamb’s lettuce, Brussels sprouts, leeks and kale. 5. Garden tools are now cleaned and maintained. 6. December 4th is Barbara Day. Experience this historic custom with flowering branches.


ornamental garden

Christmas roses delight on the balcony and in the garden with their magical white blossoms. Enjoy the winter beauties in all their glory. For a short time you can also enjoy the garden perennial as a decoration in the house. The classic that simply belongs to the Advent and Christmas season! Get creative and design an impressive gift with Christmas roses. You can read how easy it is in our blog « In 6 steps to a magnificent gift «.


Evergreen trees need a constant water supply even in winter. Plants in pots in particular should be watered every 2 to 3 weeks. It is important that the drainage hole in the pot is free and waterlogging is avoided. The evergreen trees evaporate water and without support, drought damage can occur in winter.

At the beginning of the month, cut off flowering branches from cherry or apple trees or forsythia. According to tradition, these twigs are cut on December 4th, Barbara ‘s Day, and their delicate blossoms bring joy just in time for Christmas. This custom dates back to the 13th century and has always fascinated generations.

Without leaves, the structure of the bark of many trees inspires enthusiasm. Especially in winter, corkscrew hazel, dogwood and spindle bush are ornaments in the garden and in large containers on the balcony and in the garden. You can read which trees and shrubs fill the garden with blossoms in winter in our blog “ Blooming shrubs and shrubs in winter .

Ensure continuous bird feeding. The wild birds have become accustomed to the food available and depend on being fed regularly. Marvel at the multitude of birds and experience the cute animals at the feeding place.


The kiwi fruits are harvested after the first frosts. The hard fruits must be stored indoors for 4 to 6 weeks to ripen. The ripening process goes faster if you keep some fruit in a plastic bag together with an apple. In this way, the post-ripening is significantly accelerated.


In exposed locations you should protect kiwi, table grapes, apricot and peach trees from severe frost with fleece. The same applies to young plants of soft fruit and stone fruit. With us you will find everything to do with winter protection for your plants.

The fruits of the medlar, an ancient wild fruit variety, are soft after exposure to frost or about 20 days after harvest. Try the special feature with a sour aroma, ideal for making jam, compote, puree, juice and goes well with apples or rose hips. In addition to the excellent taste, the rarity convinces with its high content of vitamins and minerals.

You should prune fruit trees and berry bushes between November and April. It is important that you carry out the cut on frost-free days. Peach trees are pruned in April or May and sweet cherries immediately after harvest.

Check your stored fruit regularly. Despite careful selection when picking, rotting can occur in the fruit crates. The infested fruits are best disposed of with household waste.

Now is the ideal time to take care of your scissors. Before the next fruit tree pruning, you should sharpen the blades and replace the feathers if necessary. These are available as spare parts.

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Herb and vegetable garden

At temperatures down to 0 degrees you can harvest valuable winter vegetables from the open field. These include leeks, parsnips, salsify, Brussels sprouts and kale. Enjoy your own harvest with fresh herbs.


Arugula, lamb’s lettuce and spinach grow in the raised bed. Ideally, you should cover the vegetables with some brushwood or a suitable cover if it is very frosty.

You can enjoy fresh vitamins with sprouts. Try the simple way of growing with different seeds. The seeds soaked in water are thoroughly rinsed with water twice a day and after a week they enrich delicious salads or sandwiches as a healthy side dish.

With a practical mushroom growing kit, you can harvest your own mushrooms within 2 to 3 weeks, easy to use and absolutely organic. The set is also suitable as an original gift idea for hobby gardeners.

Thyme was already used by the Greeks as an incense herb. Today, the aromatic plant is valued above all as a remedy for colds and as an addition to soups and stews, ideal on the balcony and in the garden and to be harvested all year round. You can find delicious recipes here.

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balcony and terrace

Protect your potted plants from waterlogging. It is important that the pots standing outdoors have good water drainage. So — called feet help with drainage.

With weatherproof Christmas decorations, balconies, terraces and house entrances can be festively decorated. The Christmas lights can be regulated efficiently using intelligent controls.


Hardy perennials and shrubs give the balcony and terrace a special ambience. Christmas roses, ivy and small conifers can be used to conjure up tasteful plantings. The strong red of the partridge berries quickly and easily adds color to window boxes and baskets.

You must regularly check potted plants in the winter quarters for pests. Due to the lower light supply, the plants are more susceptible and lice multiply quickly. The soil should never dry out completely, but the water requirement of the potted plants is greatly reduced.

Have you already turned off the external water pipes? This will prevent unnecessary frost damage.

Feed the wild birds continuously. It is important that you only give so much food that it is eaten within 2 to 3 days. Pay attention to the quality of the wild bird feed.

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crop protection

The best way to dispose of infested rose leaves is with household waste. Many fungal spores survive the winter and can cause problems again in the coming year.

Lacewings can be found indoors, especially in winter. These useful animals are delicate and have pale green wings. They are beneficial because their larvae feed on aphids. Give the harmless insects a chance and let them hibernate indoors. Fighting is not necessary.

Make sure that your plant protection and care products are stored frost-free. Temperatures that are too low lead to a change in effectiveness.

Prevent whitefly infestation with yellow boards. This is especially important for indoor plants and potted plants in the winter quarters.

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indoor garden

The poinsettia decorates your home quickly and easily. Please note, however, that flowering houseplants are sensitive to waterlogging. Provide good drainage and remove excess water from the planter.


Get a festive atmosphere at home. In addition to poinsettias, azaleas, cyclamen and orchids, amaryllis are the classic plants of the Advent and Christmas season, easy to care for and unique in their effect. Read our encyclopedia on how to care for amaryllis or how to care for amaryllis in wax. Your home will be even more decorative if you buy a pine branch.

To avoid brown leaf tips on green plants, regular spraying with low-lime water is of great benefit.

Treat your orchid to some care. Foliage care is particularly important in times of less daylight. With orchid leaf care you strengthen the leaf color and vitality of indoor plants.

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The pond is now in hibernation. Regularly fish off leaves and other organic material as needed.

Pond mud can be removed in mild weather. In this way you significantly increase the water quality.

If you have not already done so, you should now remove the filters and pond pumps and protect them from frost. Ideally, pond pumps are stored in a bucket of water. When stored dry, pumps break down more quickly and plastic seals become brittle and porous.

Cut back cattails and other grasses only after winter. During frost, the plants are used for gas exchange.

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The lawn is usually wet and should therefore not be stepped on much. In this way you avoid damage that is difficult to repair in the spring.

Natural lime can be applied if necessary. This is especially important on lawns where the pH is too low. Easy to spread and quickly effective , natural lime improves the soil structure and thus the uptake of nutrients in the coming year.

If you regularly remove existing leaves, your greenery will get through the winter in the best possible way.

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