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The most important tips for February

1. Add color to your home quickly and easily with tulips, daffodils and primroses!
2. First sowings of flowers indoors. Ideal for asters and sweet peas.
3. Soft fruit is now thinned out. Important for a rich harvest this year.
4. As soon as the ground is no longer frozen, all shrubs and perennials can be planted.
5. Check potted plants in the winter quarters for pests.
6. Tuberous begonias are propelled indoors.

ornamental garden

After snow and ice, crocuses and winterlings bring the first color to the garden. If you didn’t plant any onions in the fall, you can quickly and easily create spring with onion plants in pots. Dwarf irises, snowdrops, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and checkered flowers are also ideal for balconies and gardens. Get in a good mood now with the popular early bloomers.

Check the winter protection on the trees. Especially after stormy days, it is important that fleece and winter protection are attached again. If necessary, the winter protection must also be renewed.

Ornamental shrubs that bloom in summer, such as summer lilac or snowball hydrangea, are pruned back after winter. A cut can be made on frost-free days.

Do you have perennials that bloom in late summer or fall that have grown too big? Then spring is the best time to divide these plants, ideal for asters, Indian nettle or coneflower.

Would you like to admire tuberous begonias in your garden next summer ? Then pushing the tubers forward is one way to achieve this incredible flowering splendor. Now plant the tuberous begonias in pots and place them in a light and warm place. This way you will have magnificent plants from your own cultivation by the end of April.

Trees in tubs must be watered regularly. You should take good care of the cherry laurel and the bamboo, because evaporation is very high here. and with the first sun damage can otherwise occur due to lack of water.

View the available flower seeds and be inspired by the variety and the new products. Now the choice is greatest. Some species are already being sown, discover which ones in our garden calendar.


Once the ground is no longer frozen, you can plant all the fruit trees. With a sufficiently large planting hole, high-quality planting soil and early planting, you give the shrub the best starting conditions.

Glue rings prevent pest infestation on fruit trees in a natural way. Check existing glue rings for functionality. If you have not yet carried out this biological pest control, it is still possible to attach the cardboard coated with glue.

Blueberries from your own garden! With enough rhododendron soil and high-yielding varieties, your dreams will soon come true. Plant Bluecrop, Patriot or Goldtraube and marvel at the aromatic and healthy fruits. Find out everything about planting and caring for blueberries here.

With the right cut, you can ensure a rich fruit harvest. Start with plums and pome fruit. Then the berries are cut. In our gardening courses you will learn everything about pruning fruit trees.

With dwarf forms, it is quite possible to grow your own fruit in small gardens or on balconies and terraces. These special features only require little space and soon delight with a rich fruit load.

It is important for ecological balance that beneficial insects feel comfortable in your garden. Ideally, insect hotels for lacewings, ladybugs and much more are hung up on fruit trees and fences in good time.

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Herb and vegetable garden

Vegetables that come from warmer regions, such as peppers, tomatoes, aubergines and cucumbers, are bought as seedlings in May or you start sowing them indoors at the end of February. This so-called preculture gives you strong plants from your own cultivation.

Our gardening tip: Read more about this in our blog «The 10 most important questions about sowing».

Now the winter vegetables are still in season. Kale, leeks and Brussels sprouts defy ice and snow and can be harvested on frost-free days. Lamb’s lettuce should be left covered with fleece to protect it from severe frost and only uncovered in mild weather.

On dried soil, you can start sowing spinach and radishes in open ground. Cover the seeds with fleece and catch the warming rays of the sun.

You can apply a thin layer of well rotted compost to empty beds. In this way you increase the humus content and promote soil life in a natural way.

Healthy fitness salads can be conjured up with fresh herbs. Leaf salads become a delicious meal quickly and easily.

In our assortment you will find a wide range of herbs for salads.

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vegetable plants Our gardening tip: Read more about this in our «Fitness Salads» blog.

balcony and terrace

Primroses, horned violets and many other bulbous plants in pots quickly bring a colorful spring mood to your balcony. In addition, you can plant decorative leaf perennials, ivy and box as permanent balcony decorations. If you want to know more about beautiful spring flowers, read more about it in our blog «The most beautiful spring flowers».

With a raised bed you can start the season early. The earth there warms up faster than in the garden and after just a few weeks you can enjoy the first harvest. There are raised beds in small format for the balcony and with appropriate plants such as radishes, strawberries, lettuce or columnar fruit, it is easy to do.

Regularly check your potted plants for pests in their winter quarters. As a preventive measure, you can minimize the infestation of whiteflies with yellow panels.

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daffodils, hyacinths, pansies, horned violets and much more in the best quality online!

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crop protection

A soil analysis gives you valuable information about the soil condition. Many problems with plants are due to compaction, too little humus or a lack of nutrients. It is therefore advisable to have a soil test carried out every 3 to 5 years.

Have you discovered small, red pustules on bushes and fruit trees? This fungal disease is easy to get rid of. Cut off the diseased branches and dispose of the branches with household waste.

Do your currant bushes have conspicuous round buds? These do not sprout or do not sprout very well and should therefore be broken out. Infestation with currant gall mite leads to low yield and poor growth performance.

With planned crop rotation and mixed cultures, you promote the ecological balance and minimize unwanted pests in a natural way.

Buying crop protection Our gardening tip: Read more about optimal «plant partners vegetables» here.

indoor garden

After weeks of fog, rain, ice and snow , flowering indoor plants quickly and easily brighten up your home. In addition to orchids, there are a variety of colorful plants that bring joy with their flowers for weeks.

As the amount of light increases, the dormant phase of many indoor plants ends. Now it is important that you fertilize regularly again. Indoor plant fertilizers have a nutrient composition tailored to the type of plant. In this way you give your plants the optimal conditions for best growth.

Marvel at the great variety of orchids. The selection is now the greatest, treat yourself or your friends to one of these many special orchids.

Our gardening tip: Read more about this in our Orchid Plants AZ. indoor plants


The pond is winter break, but make sure that there are no organic materials such as leaves floating in the water. If necessary, fish off leaves and the like. A comprehensive maintenance cycle will only begin in a few weeks.

Would you like to create a new garden pond? Then now is the ideal time to start planning.

Garden pond Our gardening tip: You can read lots of helpful tips in our guide “The Fascination of the Garden Pond”.


In order to optimally care for your lawn this year, it is important that you have the soil checked regularly. With a soil analysis and the resulting fertilizer tips, you can ensure a lush green lawn. Use our free soil analysis service and find out which fertilizer is the right one for your green space.

You can still lime the lawn. For areas with a pH value of less than 5, it is important that you apply the natural lime to dry soil.

lawn products

Do not walk on your lawn if the temperature is permanently below 0°C. The frozen stalks suffer under the load and are thus damaged.

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