The most important tips for July

Balcony, terrace, garden: enjoy with all your senses. We give you the most important tips for a rich harvest and lush flowers.

1. Water potted plants regularly, fertilize and remove faded flowers.
2. Fertilize the rhododendron after flowering with Kölle’s Beste Rhododendron fertilizer.
3. Harvest herbs regularly as the ingredients are at their highest now.
4. Algae and dead plant parts must be removed from the pond. When the water level is low, water is refilled.
5. Do not mow the lawn too deep in summer, fertilize it and water it if necessary.
6. Remove faded roses and treat with Kölle Bio Plant Treatment to strengthen them.

ornamental garden

With dahlias, cosmos and other summer bloomers, you can close gaps in the garden and add color to the garden bed .

Flowered lavender is now cut back . With a little care, the wonderful perennial will delight with a second pile in just a few weeks. This pruning is also important for catnip, cranesbill and garden sage. To do this, cut off the perennials a hand’s breadth above the ground and provide your treasures with Kölle organic natural fertilizer . In this way you create the best conditions for a second flowering, the fertilizer ensures a soil-improving effect.

After heavy rain, it is important that you regularly loosen the soil between perennials and shrubs . This minimizes evaporation and unwanted weed growth.


Many biennial flowers are now being sown . You will find the corresponding species in our flower sowing calendar .

Grasses fascinate with their shape and are easy to care for. Now the selection of annual and perennial grasses is the largest. We offer you 30 different types of grass from our own perennial production . In our blog «Grasses — fascinating and heat-tolerant» you can read everything about planting and caring for these striking beauties.

Check your boxwood weekly for boxwood moth caterpillars. If the infestation is low, collecting the voracious caterpillars is the best solution.

Roses are cleaned regularly . It is important that you cut off faded flowers so that the wood has strength for the flowers that follow. With plant strengtheners you prevent fungal diseases. Also read our blog post »Rose care in summer».

There is now a large selection of roses with lush flowers available for new plantings . With a sufficiently large planting hole and high-quality Kölle’s Beste planting soil , your dream of your own roses will come true.

There are hydrangeas for every location . The reliable shrubs delight year after year with a rich abundance of flowers and make only low demands on care. Panicle hydrangeas are ideal for sunny locations. Only ensure an even water supply in the event of a long drought.


After strawberry harvest, it is important that you remove excess stolons . You can plant these young plants in a new bed. If the offshoots are not removed, they cost the plant too much energy. The result is less fruit next year.

Would you like to plant new strawberries ? Ideally, you should now prepare the bed. Loosen the soil with a digging fork, remove existing weeds and improve the soil with compost or sand if necessary. Ideally, there were no strawberry plants on the planned area in the last 2 to 3 years .

Shoots that are too long are regularly shortened on kiwis and grapes . In this way you ensure that sufficient light and air reaches the fruit and that ideal ripening can take place.

Sweet cherries can be cut after harvest . With sour cherries, plums, prunes and apricots, summer pruning has the advantage that it is easier to see which shoots are too dense and the wound healing is completed more quickly. Find out more about the topic in our Plants AZ «Care tips for your fruit trees» .

The rhubarb harvest is now over . In order for the plant to gather enough strength for the next year, you should not harvest any more stalks in July. In addition, the oxalic acid content in the plants is now increasing.

With columnar fruit and berry bushes , you don’t have to go without your own fruit even if you don’t have a garden. Enjoy healthy vitamins directly from the balcony or terrace . Planted in a sufficiently large container, many types of fruit will provide fresh fruit for years. Read more about this in the “Fruit trees” guide .

When there is a lot of fruit, it is important that you protect your apple trees against wind breakage with supports . Even with gooseberries, the rich fruit set can often be too heavy for the thin branches. This is where tying it up with twine can help.

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Herb and vegetable garden

Potatoes are regularly chopped and earth is heaped up . This will ensure that the tubers do not turn green. You can harvest early potatoes at the end of the month.

Radish, spinach, watercress and radish can be sown continuously in sets . So you can harvest without a break all summer long. Read more about this in the vegetable sowing calendar .

Tomatoes need a steady water supply . It is important that you water in the morning if possible and do not wet the foliage. To prevent late blight, strengthen the plants with Kölle Bio Aktiv-mittel . Find out more about late blight in our blog post «Detecting and combating late blight on tomatoes».


Endive lettuce is now sown . For better germination, cover the seed with fleece and keep the surface evenly moist. The vitamin A-rich autumn and winter lettuce germinates after just 10 days and can be separated after another 10 days. Plants that are too close together are carefully removed and planted in a new location. Ideally, the singulation takes place on a cloudy, rainy day.

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Harvest your herbs regularly . For bushy and compact growth, you can also just cut back the herbs

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balcony and terrace

Balcony plants need constant care in July . In addition to breaking out faded flowers, an even water supply and balanced fertilization are important. Garden fertilizers ensure that the nutrients you need are in the right proportions. Fertilize regularly now for a rich abundance of flowers until well into autumn.

Intelligent irrigation systems help with watering during the holiday season . With the right technology, it is child’s play to always give the right amount of water at the right time, even in summer.

Would you like even more holiday feeling on your terrace or balcony ? With filigree grasses , lush lavender , palm trees, oleanders and much more, a unique ambience can be conjured up quickly and easily. We would be happy to help you with the selection and advise you. You can also conveniently buy plants online from us .

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crop protection

Vegetable nets prevent pests from damaging carrots, leeks and onions. Nets laid out in good time protect against damage caused by feeding.

You should attach glue rings to apple trees as early as July . The codling moth caterpillars naturally cling to the sticky glue, preventing them from doing much damage.

Strengthen susceptible plants with Kölle Bio Aktiv-mittel . Regular use is particularly helpful on hollyhocks, mallows and roses. In a natural way, the plant cells become harder and less susceptible to unwanted fungal diseases.

Yellow panels help against whiteflies, thrips and fungus gnats . Thanks to the strongly adhesive glue, the unwanted pests get stuck and thus help to grow healthy plants in the greenhouse and on the windowsill.

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indoor garden

Atmospheric decorations can be conjured up in the house with cacti and succulents . Easy to care for and expressive, the robust plants together with shells and sand bring a holiday feeling to the windowsill.

Experience lush blooms in colorful varieties with Elatior begonias . For many weeks, the houseplants inspire with a rich bloom. You can also enjoy the perpetual bloomers outdoors in a partially shaded location.

Spray your green plants regularly with lime-free water . This increases the humidity, especially in summer, and prevents spider mite infestation.

indoor plants


Water lilies fascinate with beautiful flowers . Now is the main flowering period. If you would like to marvel at new water lilies in your pond, then secure one of the many colorful varieties now. Ideally, you offer your water lily a place with at least 6 hours of sun .

Check the water parameters in your garden pond regularly . The pH value and the carbonate hardness are particularly important. If the values ​​are not correct, the pond fish will not feel well and the growth of algae will be encouraged. Read more in our guide «The Fascination of the Garden Pond» .


In warm weather, you should top up the water regularly .

Cut back overgrown plants and remove dead plant parts.

Filters and pond pumps help to improve the water quality .

garden pond


Sufficient nutrients and water are essential for a lush green lawn . With Kölle’s Beste Organic-Mineral Lawn Fertilizer you help your green to be healthy and vital for weeks. The nitrogen compounds in this fertilizer are mainly in organic form and are converted into plant-available form by microorganisms. In this way you ensure as far as possible that there are no burns and that nitrogen in organic form is available to the grass for a long time.

During longer dry periods, the mowing intervals increase . It is important that the cutting height is not set too low to avoid burns.

Ideally , water your lawn in the evenings or early mornings . It is important that the watering is even and longer. This is the only way for the water to reach deeper layers and for the plants to be optimally supplied.

gardening tips


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