The most important tips for June

1. Demand-oriented watering is now very important for a rich abundance of flowers on the balcony and terrace.
2. Gaps in the garden can be quickly filled with flowering perennials. Cosmeen, sage and snapdragons quickly bring color to the garden.
3. Mow the lawn regularly, fertilize and water thoroughly if necessary.
4. Check box plants for box tree moths.
5. Continuously remove wilted rose petals and fertilize after flowering.
6. Create your own sweet treat: herbs, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers can now be planted and you will soon be able to harvest the healthy delicacies.

ornamental garden

Some care is needed for a long-lasting rose splendor . In addition to regularly removing the faded flowers , it is important that you top up the fertilizer with Kölle’s Beste Rosen-Dünger in June. With nutrient combinations that are optimally tailored to the roses, soil life is activated and the vitality of the magnificent plants is promoted. Read more about rose care here.

Strengthen your plants with Kölle’s organic plant treatment. This organic plant aid is easy to use and very effective against powdery mildew and other fungal diseases, especially recommended for roses and delphiniums.

Gaps in the garden can be filled with summer-flowering perennials such as tickseed, daylily, catnip, yarrow and much more. You can find the right perennials in our flowering calendar.

Tall perennials and dahlias are now growing enormously in length. Perennial supports and perennial rings help to protect against unwanted wind damage . Attached in good time, damage can easily be avoided.

After the rhododendron blooms, any wilted flowers are broken off . In this way you promote the formation of new flower buds, stimulate the plants to branch out and prevent the formation of seeds. Support your ericaceous plants and spoil the plants with a maintenance fertilization with Kölle’s Best Rhododendron Fertilizer . You can also read everything about the topic «Rhododendron» in our encyclopedia .

Many biennial and perennial flowers are sown in summer. In the garden calendar you can find out which sowings are due now.

Check your box plants weekly for box tree moth caterpillars . If the infestation is low, collecting the voracious caterpillars is the best solution. If you have had enough of the annoying pests and are looking for boxwood alternatives, then read more about this in our blog «Do you want a boxwood replacement?» .

After flowering, the early flowering cushion perennials are cut back . Especially with blue cushion , stonecrop and cushion phlox , pruning ensures that the plants remain compact, for this purpose about a third of the shoot length is shortened.


Ensuring an even water supply is essential for a rich fruit harvest . You should water regularly , especially on light and sandy soils or in phases without precipitation . It is important here that the distances should preferably be a little further apart, but that around 10 to 20 liters per m² are administered for the individual doses, depending on the plant species.

Young trees are now formed. Steep shoots can be bent down with weights in order to sprout with fruit eyes in the coming year.

Grapes are cut regularly . Long shoots can be tied and shortened if necessary.

Many small fruits fall off apple trees. This so-called «June fall» serves as a self-protection for the trees against hanging too lavishly. If necessary, you can help a little and remove part of the fruit. The remaining fruits are thus better supplied by the tree and receive more sun.

Would you like to harvest cherries without maggots ? The cherry fruit fly will be on the move from mid-May, so it is important to hang up the yellow boards, which have been coated with special glue, in good time . The flies head for the yellow panels, stick and cannot lay their eggs in the unripe cherries.

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Herb and vegetable garden

Harvest time of bush beans can be extended by sowing the vegetable in batches . Find out which seeds you can sow now in our herbs and vegetables sowing calendar.

For a rich tomato harvest , it is important that the side shoots are continuously broken out . The side shoots located in the leaf axils bear little fruit and only cost the plant unnecessary strength. An even water supply and sufficient fertilizer are also important when growing tomatoes .

Harvest your herbs regularly . The ingredients are highest when freshly harvested, but you can also pickle and dry them in vinegar or oil and you can enjoy the aroma for many months. Regular pruning of the herbs also ensures bushy growth and prevents the plants from becoming too woody (especially rosemary). buy herbs

Planting potatoes is worth it. As soon as the potato green is visible , start piling up the potatoes . Regular mounding every 2 to 3 weeks ensures that the soil remains loose and the tubers do not turn green from exposure to light.

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balcony and terrace

Sufficient water and fertilizer is necessary for lush flowers on the balcony and terrace . With special fertilizers you can take care of your citrus plants, oleanders, geraniums, petunias and gentian bushes. These fertilizers are specially tailored to the needs of the respective plant and help to provide the plants with the best possible care.

Climbing plants make considerable growth in June. The new shoots can be brought into the desired shape with climbing aids .

Intelligent irrigation systems help with watering during the holiday season . With the right technology, it is child’s play to always give the right amount of water at the right time, even in summer.

For a harmonious shape, standard stems of gentian, fuchsias and marguerites must be trimmed regularly . Long crown shoots are shortened, thus supporting the branching of the crown.

Our tips for a sunny balcony:

— Mediterranean herbs such as lavender, rosemary and thyme are ideal for a sunny location.

— Water storage boxes enable a rich flowering by optimal water supply of the plants.

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crop protection

Check your potato plants regularly for infestation with Colorado potato beetles . The black and yellow striped insect feels at home on aubergines, tomatoes and potatoes and causes great damage. It is therefore important to collect the existing beetles, larvae and eggs.

Support the beneficial insects in your natural garden. With insect hotels, apiaries and ladybug houses you give the valuable helpers a home. Did you know that a lacewing larva eats up to 500 aphids? Biological crop protection can be that simple and effective .

Dried shoots on cherry and apricot trees must be cut off and disposed of in the organic waste bin.

After the strawberry harvest, the old leaves are cut off, the plants are watered regularly and supplied with Kölle’s Beste berry fertilizer. In this way you strengthen your strawberries and create the best conditions for the flowering plant for the next season.

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indoor garden

Bougainvillea need a sunny and light location for lush flowers . In addition to an even water supply, fertilizing every 2 weeks with Kölle’s Beste potted plant fertilizer is essential.

On triplet flowers, the flowers are mainly formed at the tips of the shoots, so it is important that the shoots are shortened after flowering . Cut back the faded shoot tips by a third and get a compact plant with a lush flower base.

Many flowering houseplants can be left outdoors in the summer . Bellflowers and Elatior begonias are suitable for shady spots on balconies and terraces.

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Evaporation increases with increasing temperatures. It is therefore important that you regularly add new water to your pond .

In warm weather, make sure that the algae growth in the pond does not increase too much . Regularly fish off the existing algae and ensure good water quality with oxygen plants. Read more in our guide «The Garden Pond».

Barrels and tubs can be used to quickly and easily create mini ponds on balconies and patios . The terrace ponds can be beautifully greened with slow-growing types of aquatic plants and water lilies.

garden pond


Regular trimming is important for a lush green lawn . The cutting height depends on rainfall and temperature. In hot phases, it is important that the lawn is not mowed too deep, otherwise burns will result.

To keep your lawn lush, it may be necessary to water your lawn regularly . Depending on the weather and soil conditions, we recommend sprinkling every 4 to 6 days. To do this, place the sprinkler in one spot for about 20 minutes and it is best to irrigate in the early morning hours or in the evening. The soil should be about 10 cm deep after sprinkling.

In order to get through the summer well, your lawn should be supplied with sufficient nutrients . If possible, carry out a summer fertilization on an evening when rain is forecast for the night or rain heavily after the fertilization. We recommend Kölle’s Beste lawn fertilizer, the advantages of which are the long-lasting and gentle effect. Read more in our guide «The right lawn care for your dream lawn».

gardening tips

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