The most important tips for March

1. Now plant perennials, hedges and roses.
2. Bring spring home. Horned violets, primroses, daffodils, hyacinths and much more add color to the balcony and the entrance to the house.
3. Now start lawn care when the ground is dry: Scarify and fertilize.
4. Sift through seeds and buy new ones, soon the sowing of radishes, peas and carrots will start.
5. Caring for the potted plants in the winter quarters.
6. Health from the windowsill — with Kölle’s organic herbs, valuable vitamins and minerals become effective in a simple way.

ornamental garden

Enjoy the first flowering shrubs. In addition to forsythia, blood currant and blood plum, catkin willows delight with the first colors and a delicate scent. If you do not yet have these magnificent flowering shrubs, now is the ideal time to plant all shrubs and roses.

Pruning roses — how to cut your roses in spring

Klaus Kölle is not only the great-great-grandson of the Pflanzen-Kölle founder, but also the managing director and gardener with body and soul since 1984. In our videos, the passionate gardener explains the special features of pruning roses — from the fragrant rose to the rose stem.

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You need these utensils for the rose pruning

In the video, Mr. Kölle shows the materials you need for a professional pruning of roses.

Would you like to trim your hedge before the start of the gardening year ? It is then important that the cut is made before the hedge sprouts and the birds breed. New plantings are best now, the plants root quickly and have the best start.

At the end of the month you can start pruning the roses. The aim is to shorten the strongest shoots and remove the excess and thin ones.

You can now pre-cultivate summer flowering bulbs yourself from seed at home. By sowing seeds indoors, you get vigorous plants with a head start in growth. In our flower sowing calendar you can find out which flowers you can already sow.

Make sure you get the most beautiful dahlia varieties, the selection is now the largest. In order to be able to enjoy the magic of summer flowers, the tubers should be planted in just a few weeks. For lush blooms in summer, plant the easy-care dahlia bulbs in large pots indoors. With this so-called propulsion, the plants have an enormous growth advantage. Dahlias and gladioli are among the most popular summer flowers. Read more in the blog post «All about dahlias, gladioli and other spring bulbs».

The first blossoms are pleasing in the rock garden. We offer you over 300 different perennials from our own nursery. With the purely organic Kölle Bio Natur-Fertiliser, you can achieve rapid growth success and improve the soil structure in the long term.


You can also plant your own fruit on the balcony and in small gardens. Columnar shapes and trunks save space and are therefore a practical alternative to ornamental shrubs. Table grapes or kiwi are suitable for wall greening in sunny places.

Before the fruit trees sprout, the fruit tree pruning must be completed. Also trim the crowns of currants and gooseberries, because too many thin branches can lead to fungal infestation and the fruit will be too small.

Now is planting time for all fruit trees. With a large planting hole and Kölle’s best potting soil, you create the ideal conditions for successful growth. Immediately after planting, 20 to 30 liters of water are poured on, then watering takes place as required, this mainly depends on the rainfall.

Buy fruit plants

Herb and vegetable garden

The season is now beginning in the greenhouse, cold frame and raised bed. Here you can sow the first seeds and plant the first lettuce plants. In the field, the soil should be dry in order to be able to sow successfully. You can find out everything about this interesting topic in our blog post Herb and vegetable cultivation.

Healthy spring cuisine includes fresh vegetables and lots of herbs. Bring the south home. Valuable herbs help to create tasty spring dishes. We constantly offer you attractive new herbs from our own organic nursery.

Herb and vegetable garden

Vegetables that come from warmer regions, such as peppers, tomatoes, aubergines or cucumbers, are bought as seedlings in May or you start sowing them indoors at the end of February. This so-called preculture gives you strong plants from your own cultivation.

Our gardening tip: Read more about this in our blog «The 10 most important questions about sowing».

Now the winter vegetables are still in season. Kale, leeks and Brussels sprouts defy ice and snow and can be harvested on frost-free days. Lamb’s lettuce should be left covered with fleece to protect it from severe frost and only uncovered in mild weather.

On dried soil, you can start sowing spinach and radishes in open ground. Cover the seeds with fleece and catch the warming rays of the sun.

You can apply a thin layer of well rotted compost to empty beds. In this way you increase the humus content and promote soil life in a natural way.

Fresh herbs are used to prepare healthy fitness salads. Leaf salads become a delicious meal quickly and easily.

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You can still sow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and eggplants indoors. Read more about sowing in our blog post ‘The 10 most important facts about sowing’.

Treat yourself to a time of regeneration. One of the first wild herbs to sprout is the stinging nettle. Freshly collected nettle tips can be used for tea or as a vegetable.

Grow your own mushrooms at home. With the practical mushroom growing sets, you can do it in no time at all. Be amazed at how easy it is and let yourself be inspired by the variety.

Planting potatoes is worthwhile because they are one of the most important staple foods. They are considered to be easy to care for and are also extremely valuable in terms of nutritional physiology. Get to know our potato innovations and rarities and soon harvest your own treasures. The first potatoes can be harvested 90 to 100 days after planting. Potato cultivation is very easy and can be done in large containers or in raised beds on the balcony or terrace. We also offer a wide range of potatoes online.

Buy vegetable plants

balcony and terrace

Plant balcony boxes, baskets and pots now with combinations of bulbous plants, annual plants, perennials and shrubs. You can enjoy attractive, decorative plant arrangements for many weeks.

Bamboo and cherry laurel in tubs need regular watering. Check the moisture in the soil, because the evergreen plants continuously evaporate water and have no way of absorbing it from the soil again.

The potted plants in the winter quarters need more water again when temperatures rise. Check your plants for pests and diseases. The use of biological beneficial insects is helpful against pests. The beneficial insects easily help to minimize pest infestation. If necessary, you can repot the plants now. To do this, use high-quality Kölle’s Beste planting soil and Kölle’s Beste clay granulate for drainage.

Order balcony plants and bedding plants from Pflanzen-Kölle

daffodils, hyacinths, pansies, horned violets and many more in the best quality online!

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crop protection

Your plants will also look forward to strengthening measures after the winter. Kölle Organic Plant Treatment is a natural organic spray to strengthen plants and increase their resistance. Your plants start the new vegetation period stronger and are therefore more resistant to pests and fungal diseases.

Support the beneficial insects in your garden and provide the helpers with insect hotels. Bumblebees, wild bees and other insects thank you with their active support in combating pests. Crop protection couldn’t be easier.

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indoor garden

Now is the best time to repot your green plants. With fresh soil and a larger pot you give your treasures the best support and help them to grow again. Use Kölle’s Beste Indoor Plant Soil and Kölle’s Beste Clay Granulate for drainage.

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The pond season also begins with rising temperatures. You can now remove the leaf protection nets installed in autumn. The bank vegetation is now also being cut back. If necessary, top up with fresh water and remove leaves and plant debris with a net.

If you would like to create a new pond, start planning now. From April you will be able to find a large selection of pond plants in our garden centres. We would be happy to help you with the realization of your garden plans, find out more about garden design and garden planning here.

garden pond


As soon as the lawn has dried properly, you can start scarifying. Ask in our garden centers about our service for rental equipment and borrow fertilizer wagons or scarifiers from lawn products simply and easily

With Kölle’s Beste lawn activator, you promote the air and water permeability in your lawn in a natural way. With permanent humus you get a dream lawn for a long time.

Would you like to lay a new lawn ? Spring is the ideal time to sow lawn seeds. When the soil is dry, sowing can begin.

Our gardening tips are also available in a practical booklet that you can print out and look up — so you always have everything you need right at hand.

gardening tips

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