The most important tips for September

1.Now is the time to plant flower bulbs. 2.Last date for shape and hedge trimming. 3.Plant roses, perennials and hedges now and use the warm soil to grow quickly. 4.Harvest time for many wild fruit species. Use these vitamin-rich treasures from nature and enjoy homemade rosehip pulp and much more. 5.Intensive lawn care: Potassium-rich autumn fertilization and a longer cutting height are very important. 6.Lamb’s lettuce, spinach and radish can still be sown. With good conditions, the seeds will germinate within a few days.

ornamental garden

Now is the time to plant flower bulbs . Planting in September is necessary , especially for bulbs of winter cultivars, snowdrops , cyclamen, Madonna lilies and imperial crowns . This gives the beauties enough time to form roots and will delight in the coming spring with lush flowers. Read more about this in our blog «Plant flower bulbs now for lush blooms next spring!» and learn why timely planting is so important for optimal development.

The final cut can now be made on topiary and hedges . If cut later, the risk of winter damage is greater. Freshly cut, the shrubs get through the winter perfectly.

Some perennials lose their willingness to flower over the years. Especially spring bloomers such as blue cushion or cushion phlox are divided in autumn . For this purpose, parts of the plants are removed with a spade and planted in a new place with high-quality potting soil. As a result, you will receive vigorous, floriferous and vital plants in the coming year.

You can experience your own «Indian Summer» in the garden and on the balcony with ornamental fruit trees and beautiful foliage . Colorful berries and fruits can be found especially on firethorn, crabapple, love pearl bush and cloudberry . All shrubs can now be planted and grow well before winter. Take advantage of the good planting season!


With plums, grapes , the pear tree and apple tree , the fruit harvest reaches its peak in September. Experience the incomparable aroma of the ripe fruit and try out sophisticated recipes with your own harvest. You can find out everything you need to know about ripeness for picking and eating from our «Fruit trees» adviser .

You should collect fallen fruit regularly and dispose of it in the organic waste bin. This will minimize the spread of diseases and pests. Ideally, infested fruit should not be composted.

To promote soil life, you can now apply well-rotted compost to the tree disks of pome and stone fruit in autumn .

In the case of raspberries , harvested canes are cut off close to the ground . This care measure keeps the bushes healthy and sprout with new shoots.

Currant bushes are now being pruned . It is important that old shoots are removed so that you can get to the supporting branches with berries in the coming year.

With warm soil temperatures , all fruit trees grow excellently . Therefore, autumn is the ideal planting time!

Herb and vegetable garden

The main shoot is cut off on tomatoes . In this way, existing fruits ripen better and growth is curbed. Read more about this in our guide under “Tomatoes” .

Lamb’s lettuce, cut lettuce, spinach and radishes can still be sown without any problems . It is important that you choose vegetable seeds that are particularly suitable for sowing in autumn.

Endive and sugar loaf are now being planted. In just a few weeks, these autumn salads provide valuable vitamins from your own garden.

All potatoes can be harvested by the middle of the month . It is important that only healthy and intact tubers are stored . The optimal storage place for potatoes is cool and dark. Fruit should not be stored in the same room.

Perennial herbs can still be planted . A location with good drainage and high-quality potting or herbal soil are important.

Many herbs delight with lush growth in late summer. Preserve the full aroma and flavor vinegar and oil with sprigs of thyme, rosemary, tarragon and more. You can find numerous recipes in our «Recipes» section and in our care tips «Caring for herbs» .

balcony and terrace

Enjoy the most beautiful blossoms of late summer . With chrysanthemums, gentians, autumn anemones, dahlias and much more, the summer extends its floral spectacle . You can embellish the balcony and terrace with strong colors and filigree accessories. Pumpkin and lantern flowers are particularly suitable for decorating the planted tub.

Gaps in window boxes and containers can be easily filled with heather, barbed wire, sedum, purple bells and other structural plants . Put a touch of color on your balcony or terrace and enjoy the colorful plants. The selection of autumn beauties for the garden and balcony is now the largest.

The first potted plants will be brought into the house from the balcony in the course of the month . Plants that are sensitive to cold, such as cacti, hibiscus and cassia, thrive indoors at night temperatures below 10 °C.

Existing containers can now be planted with special bulb collections for tubs . The selected varieties of autumn flower bulbs bring color to the balcony and terrace next spring.

Secure your potted plants a place in the winter quarters at Pflanzen-Kölle now . We offer your magnificent plants the best conditions and get them well looked after through the winter in special greenhouses. Learn more about overwintering plants here .

crop protection

With the caterpillar glue ring you protect your fruit trees from the voracious caterpillars of the small winter moth . Use this simple and effective method of biological plant protection and now attach the glue ring to the tree trunks.

Check Brussels sprouts and kale regularly for cabbage white caterpillars . These greedy caterpillars can do a lot of damage quickly, so it’s best to collect the caterpillars.

Hedgehog houses offer hedgehogs a winter quarters . With some brushwood or a hedgehog house , the useful helper can easily be settled in the garden.

Do you have rhododendrons or cherry laurels with indented leaf margins ? This is the typical damage picture of the vine weevil . Its larvae feed on the plant roots, causing enormous damage to the plants. The pests can be effectively controlled with nematodes . Now pour the beneficial insects into the root area of ​​the affected plants.

Protect your red table grapes from the dreaded cherry vinegar fly. The pest pierces the ripening fruit and lays its eggs in the fruit. The larvae that develop inside make the fruit inedible. The pests can be caught with yellow panels and preventive spraying with plant treatment also minimizes the infestation.

indoor garden

Indoor plants that have spent the summer on the balcony are now being brought back into the house . Check the plants for pests when putting them away.

Promote the indoor climate with green plants . With air-purifying properties, many indoor plants improve the climate and thus ensure your health in addition to visual aspects. In our guide we will show you everything about the topic of plants indoor climate. Take a look around in our diverse range. Buying plants online can be so easy and convenient!

Buy houseplants

Set colorful accents with cyclamen . The charming houseplant can be arranged in many creative ways in the home or office. Combined with autumn accessories and matching pots, the classic houseplant can be decorated as a gift with a long flowering period .


It is best to fish off dead plant parts and leaves regularly . This prevents too much organic material from accumulating at the bottom of the pond and decomposing.

Stretch a pond net over the pond to protect against falling leaves .

Would you like to create a new pond ? Then autumn is the right time of year to make the structural preparations. You can read everything you need to know about the garden pond in our guide “The Fascination of the Garden Pond”.


Treat your lawn to some fall care . An even water supply is particularly important. Deep water your lawn 2 to 3 times a week as needed. Dry damage is difficult to eliminate and the resulting gaps can only be closed by reseeding.

Mow your lawn more widely and change the cutting height to 4 cm .

Prepare your lawn for winter. Autumn fertilization strengthens the grasses’ resistance to frost . It is important that the fertilizer contains a lower proportion of nitrogen and a high proportion of potassium.

Now is the right time for a new lawn . Your dream lawn can be realized quickly with special autumn lawn seed . Read more about this in our guide “The right lawn care for your dream lawn” .

gardening tips

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