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Which plants will bring you luck in the house

Bring happiness home. Houseplants with special symbolic power such as lucky clover or pachira are said to bring good luck. These plants are also ideal as a gift and promote positive life energy.

Give the gift of happiness for the New Year!

Especially at the turn of the year, everything revolves around saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming in the new one. Good luck charms are often given away in hopes of luck, prosperity and health. In addition to the well-known lucky penny, horseshoe, lucky pig, ladybug and chimney sweep, there is lucky clover. Not only is this highly symbolic plant supposed to bring prosperity, wealth, beauty and money into the house, but other plants also promote a positive mood in your home and thus have an immediate effect. Find out below which indoor plants still have symbolic power, what lucky charms are all about and how you can easily bring the synergies and energy known from Feng Shui teachings into the garden or house. Green plants are proven to promote the indoor climate !

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Already in its name you can see how the money tree (Crassula ovata) should bring you luck. Every plant lover will have a lot of fun with this easy-care succulent. The plant, which originates from East Africa, can be in the garden, on the balcony or terrace from May to August. According to legend, the money tree brings wealth to its owner. This makes the houseplant the ideal gift for people who want a life without financial worries, for a new phase in life or for a new business start.

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Brighten up the dark season with the green plant Pachira aquatica, also known as the lucky chestnut. Above all, the shiny foliage gives the tropical plant a special charisma. According to Feng Shui, the five-lobed leaves of the Pachira are interpreted as a hand that catches money and is therefore responsible for wealth. The plant is therefore ideal as a gift for weddings or housewarming parties. The houseplant feels good at a room temperature of 20 °C. Regular spraying with low-lime water promotes the well-being of the Pachira.

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The plant known as lucky bamboo or lucky bamboo has little to do with bamboo in the actual sense. As an absolutely robust plant for the room, the Dracena species convinces as attention and souvenir. Lucky bamboo is easy to care for and resistant to diseases and pests. A bright location and room temperatures of around 20°C are ideal.

Lucky clover (Oxalois tetraphylla) is the plant with the most symbolic power. The common red and white clovers have one leaf on their petiole, which is usually divided into three leaflets. It is very rare to find a clover stalk on which four leaves are attached. T he discovery of this peculiarity was a sign of luck as early as the Middle Ages. So that you do not have to search for happiness for a long time, resourceful gardeners have come up with the culture of sorrel. The characteristic of the four leaves is already recognizable in the botanical name, because tetraphylla means four leaves. The onion plant native to Brazilfolds the leaves in an umbrella shape in the evening. A bright location in the house with temperatures below 20 °C is ideal for the clover. This will keep the onion plant for a long time. Lucky clover delights as a perennial houseplant for many years. In summer, the lucky clover can be outdoors on the balcony or in the garden, where it delights with funnel-shaped, dark pink flowers between June and October. Lucky clover is actually a garden plant, but it is not completely hardy. Before the first frost, the clover is brought into the house from the garden, balcony or terrace. The clover spends the winter in a cool place. Water the clover occasionally during the winter as well.

Give the gift of luck with the interesting clover houseplant or treat yourself to a lucky charm. These special plants also play an important role according to Feng Shui. Experience the synergies known from Feng Shui teachings.

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