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Your perfect Christmas tree

Christmas is considered the most important festival of the year — and the Christmas tree has been its festive center for generations. The Christmas tree tradition arose from the customs of different cultures. There is documentary evidence from 1539 that a Christmas tree was set up in Strasbourg Cathedral. Ultimately, it was the guilds and associations that placed evergreen trees in the guild houses. From the first half of the 18th century, the use of the Christmas tree became more and more common.

Tips and tricks for the Christmas tree

A festively decorated Christmas tree is part of a magical Christmas celebration. The Christmas star delights everyone with its fragrant needles and with the right care, you can enjoy your Christmas tree for a long time.

What types of Christmas trees are there?

• Blue spruce: The special tree with a light fragrance and unique colour. Particularly suitable for cool rooms and outdoors.

• Nordmann firs: The most popular Christmas tree with lush green, soft, long needles and dense growth. Good durability in the room. Considered a classic among Christmas trees.

• Nobilis fir: The noblest fir tree with soft needles and a pleasant scent of fir. Best durability in heated rooms.

• Red spruce: Native tree species with a long tradition. Convinces with dark green, short needles and a characteristic scent. Ideal for cool rooms and outdoors.

• Black Pine: Characteristic Christmas tree with long needles and conical habit. Good durability in the room.

Buy Christmas trees

Found a Christmas tree – 5 tips for a long shelf life:

1) Remove the packing net immediately after transport at home. The branches stretch and quickly show their harmonious growth again.
2) If the trunk is not pointed, shorten it by 3 cm. This is an important measure to improve water intake. Trees that have already been sharpened can be placed directly in the water.
3) Place your Christmas tree in a cool and shady spot, ideally outdoors, until you are ready to decorate.
4) For better durability, we recommend you use a Christmas tree stand with a water reservoirto use. In addition to the continuous supply of water, your Christmas tree has an absolutely secure footing.
5) Add Tannen-Frisch to the water to keep it fresh. In this way you extend the durability of the Christmas tree considerably.
6) You can enjoy your dream tree for a long time if the conifer is not near radiators.

Nordmann fir — Germany’s most popular Christmas tree!

Find out why the Nordmann fir is so popular as a Christmas tree. Read what you should look out for when buying Nordmann firs and how to care for Nordmann firs in pots.

Nordmann firs as a Christmas tree

Nordmann firs have been sold as Christmas trees for about 40 years. Before there were red spruce and later blue spruce as a tree for the festival. In recent decades, the trend has shifted away from the classic pine and noble blue fir to the Nordmann fir. Today about 75% of the Christmas trees are Nordmann firs. The remaining quarter is shared by blue spruce with 15% and other spruces, pines and noble firs. With us you can buy Nordmann firs online.

Trivia fact: The Nordmann fir is only grown as a Christmas tree in Germany and Denmark. In their homeland, the conifer is also planted as a source of wood and raw materials. The dark green coniferous tree is named after the Finnish botanist Alexander von Nordmann, who discovered the species in the Caucasus in 1836.

Buying Nordmann fir made easy

Nordmann firs are naturally dense and have dark green needles. It is important that you pay attention to the following points when buying:

  • Don’t buy the tree online, let us show you the noble wood. Due to the open presentation, you can look at each tree individually and select your dream tree. This makes it a pleasure to buy Nordmann firs.
  • The netting serves to protect and as a transport aid for the Christmas trees, so Nordmann firs should only be netted after purchase.
  • Christmas trees are divided into sizes. These steps are also the basis for the Nordmann fir prices. Nordmann firs grow slowly. A tree that is 1.80 meters high is between 8 and 12 years old, which is reflected in the price of Nordmann firs. Tip: Would you like to buy a Nordmann fir but don’t want to leave the house? You can easily buy Nordmann firs online from us. The fir tree is delivered carefully packaged, so you can buy the Nordmann fir contact-free.

    Interesting facts about the Nordmann fir Christmas tree

    • The Nordmann fir as a Christmas tree does not need needles? In general, all natural fir trees will drop needles at some point. But in general one can say that even when standing in the room for a longer period of time , the Nordmann fir keeps its needles for a long time compared to other species. The needles change color but remain firmly attached to the branches.
    • The needles of the Nordmann fir do not sting and the branches are very stable. This makes it very easy to attach fairy lights, candles, balls and Christmas decorations without gloves.
    • In terms of ecological balance, it is important to know that one hectare of Christmas trees binds 145 tons of carbon dioxide and 300 tons of dust particles in ten years. Furthermore, 100 tons of oxygen are formed. (Source: BVWE)

      Which fir tree smells?

      Unfortunately, the popular Nordmann fir does not have an intense scent. The popular Christmas tree smells a bit immediately after sawing it off. However, the typical scent of fir is missing from Abies nordmanniana, as the botanical name of the Nordmann fir is. You will find this in the blue spruce, the scent of the Douglas fir is reminiscent of lemons and Noblis spruce is reminiscent of oranges. One way to enjoy the scent of needles at Christmas is to use scented candles or fragrance lamps. So you can enjoy the Nordmann fir in combination with the scent of needles.

      Nordmann fir in a pot, is that possible?

      Nordmann firs are deep-rooters. Due to this growth characteristic, it is difficult to cultivate a Nordmann fir in a pot for a long time. So-called cut Nordmann firs are offered as an alternative to felled Nordmann firs. These are better in durability than a tree that is without roots. Nordmann firs in pots are therefore ideal plants for decoration from mid-November. Planting out in the garden can take place in March, but even with good care, the tree may not grow. Blue spruces are more suitable for pot culture. Spruces are flat-rooted and therefore adapt better to the conditions in the pot.

      Our service for you:


• Each tree is set up individually and you can view it from all sides without a net.
• So that you don’t have any trouble setting it up, we sharpen the tree. • Your dream tree will be netted after purchase

for easy transport.
• Don’t you have a possibility to transport your Christmas tree? No problem: Our delivery service will bring the tree to your front door.
• You can find many decoration ideas and Christmas lights in our Christmas market or in the online shop.

Artificial Christmas trees require significantly less maintenance than real Christmas trees. Enjoy reading our blog post: Just a side note: «The tree purchase — families at the crossroads according to Johannes Kraut».