Caring for green plants — tips and tricks

Green plants bring a special atmosphere to every room. They promote the quality of life and create an incomparable ambience. They act as a natural air conditioner, influence the humidity, reduce noise and dust and can filter pollutants from the air.

Some green plants filter the pollutants contained in the room air and thus improve the quality of the air in a simple way. Plants are not only an important design element indoors, they also contribute to our well-being. You can buy numerous green plants and many other plants online from us. Are you still looking for a present for your mother-in-law, for Easter or Christmas or a present for the host? Many green plants are ideal gifts!

However, if you really don’t have time for care or simply don’t feel like it, there is the possibility to get artificial green plants.


Your green plants thrive best in Kölle’s Best Green Plant Soil or if you have organic green plants, Kölle’s Bio Soil.


Kölle’s Beste green plant fertilizer is suitable as a fertilizer for green plants, so that your green plants grow vigorously and get juicy green leaves. We recommend Kölle’s organic fertilizer for your organic green plants.

gardener tip

With Kölle’s Beste leaf care spray, your green plants will have beautiful leaves. It is easy to use and the nutrients penetrate the leaf immediately. In addition, leaf care prevents animal and fungal pathogens and the plant is thus better protected against pest infestation.

Organic Green Plants

Our range also includes organically cultivated green plants. With the help of beneficial insects, organic green plants can be cultivated without any chemical pesticides. These beneficial insects are natural enemies of the pests. These are bred by specialized companies and successfully used in the organic production of plants. The most well-known beneficial insect is e.g. B. the ladybug, which eats the larvae of the aphid in the home garden.

Advantages of using beneficial insects

  • no danger to humans, animals and plants
  • purely biological process
  • no pollution of the soil, groundwater and air with pesticides
  • no compliance with waiting times when using beneficial insects on vegetables and fruit
  • quick and easy application

Careful use of resources and nature is essential to enable continued existence and healthy growth for future generations. Plant strengthening agents are also used in the cultivation of organic green plants. These are special substances that are intended to increase the plants’ defenses against harmful organisms. They have a great influence on the vitality of plants and are also obtained from natural substances.

The culture of organic green plants is particularly sustainable because:

    • Resource-saving cultivation methods such as irrigation water recycling are used
    • the ecosystems are spared through the use of beneficial insects
    • high environmental and social standards are met thanks to the independent MPS certification. This certification is checked regularly.