Caring for herbs – tips and things worth knowing

Herbs have been used in many ways for thousands of years. What memories does the scent of lavender, rosemary or mint evoke in you? We will help you to realize your personal herbal dream with our care tips. Take a look around in our online shop. You can order numerous herbs from us.

Herbs thrive best in well-drained, humus-rich soil. If this does not correspond to the ideal, it should be prepared before planting: For this purpose, Kölle’s organic soil and Kölle’s organic root power are mixed in.

The right fertilizer

Kölle’s organic herbal fertilizer is based on purely vegetable raw materials and is therefore ideally suited for your herbs. Ingredients such as humic substances, growth and vital substances from the grapevine, hops and algae improve the plant’s metabolism and at the same time promote the absorption of nutrients.

the right earth

Fill the planting hole with Kölle’s organic soil to give your herbs ideal conditions for lush growth. The high-quality special soil creates the best site conditions and promotes the growth of all types of herbs.

Our gardening tip: In addition, Kölle’s organic root power significantly promotes the growth of the herbs. With Kölle’s Bio Root Power you offer your herbs a high-quality natural fertilizer and soil activator with immediate and long-term effects when planting or transplanting. With the help of the natural fertilizer and soil activator you create the best starting conditions for all freshly planted herbs.

3 important tips for harvesting herbs

  1. Herbs are best harvested in the late morning. This is how plants develop their full aroma.
  2. It is best to only harvest the amount of herbs that you need directly. This way you get the full content of ingredients.

When harvesting outdoors, only harvest wild herbs that you are definitely familiar with.

Enjoy the unique herbal aroma now and experience the huge variety of different flavors. Homegrown vegetables and salads become even tastier with the addition of herbs. Start sowing cress and many other plants today.

Gardening is a lot of fun and your own treasures can be harvested quickly. You can also read about this in our blog post “Home-grown vegetables and herbs”. If the growth is too plentiful and you cannot use everything fresh, there are various ways of preserving it. Read more about this in our blog post “Preserve the full aroma of spicy herbs now”. With us you can not only find out detailed information about herbs, but also order numerous different herbs. Stop by and be enchanted by the variety.

Sowing calendar & planting partner for herbs

A selection of videos about herbs

How to create a herb garden

In our video we show you how to create your own organic herb garden — our organic herbs from our own nursery offer the best conditions for this! In our online shop you will find a large selection of herbs, organic soil and organic fertilizer as well as plant protection. We have stored recipes for all our herbs in our recipe collection.

Sow herbs using basil as an example

With a herb pot garden you not only always have fresh herbs at hand, but also a pretty decorative element. So that you can realize your herb garden, we show you everything you need to know about sowing in the video. In the online shop you will find a large selection of herb seeds, everything you need for care, planters, recipes and a sowing calendar. Current information about herbs can be found in our blog.

Lay out seed tapes – that’s how it works

A blooming sea of ​​flowers is wonderful to look at. Seed tapes make this gardening project quick and easy! In the video we show you how to lay out seed tapes and what you need for this. In our online shop you will find suitable seed tapes, everything for care and a sowing calendar.

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